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Be Careful Of What You Write

Be Careful Of What You Write

In real life you have to place a guard on your tongue. When on-line, your tongue is pretty ineffective, but what you write (type?) is as good as comin...

Talking To Yourself

Talking To Yourself?

Do you talk to yourself? I grew up believing that it is the first sign of insanity but apparently it is not so bad. Only when you have full conversati...

The Meeting cont

The Meeting (cont...)

So after a bit of cordial talk they both proceeded to the immigration line; once finished there they walked a bit and then noticed that there was man...

Multicultural identity crisis or just being sligh

Multicultural identity crisis, or just being sligh

I've been toying with a thought of writing something with some point to it for a longer time, and yet I never actually sat down and did it. I reckon t...

REDS A poem for those who lost out on love

REDS! A poem for those who lost out on love

REDS The Carmal colored tip that touches my lips Reminds me of the last time we kissed The fire burning from the inside out Reminds me of the...

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