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True Love Calling

True Love Calling

An Old Fashioned Connection Awaits,For You My Darling.. True Love Is Calling.. Let's Talk About It!...

can we be friends

can we be friends

i know we are different but can we still be friends...

Friendship Bouquet

Friendship Bouquet

Friendships are like flowers They grow with time and can stem into something very beautiful. If you don't take care of them They will wilt away....

One good tern deserves another

One good tern deserves another

I'll be there for you...

Give me a ring sometime

Give me a ring sometime

Give me a ring sometime...

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Friends the Lobster scene

"Friends" - the Lobster scene

Really funny scene. Phoebe is really out there!!...

2am Breathe

2am Breathe

2am breathe...

Kiara Kovu Dont You Forget

Kiara & Kovu - Don't You Forget

Its beautiful to friendship...

More Than Just Friends

More Than Just Friends

This video is about two lifelong friends who suddenly realize 'like' has become 'love'....

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Kiss An Angel Good Morning

Kiss An Angel Good Morning.

I once read that a man wants an angel to kiss good morning, a lady to show off to his friends and a b*tch to love him at night. I’m not sure if I agre...

How To Win Her Heart

How To Win Her Heart.

Occasionally a woman may fall for a man head over heels but that may never happen to you. However, there is a way to steal a woman’s heart. Star...

Artificial Friendship

Artificial Friendship?

I was newly struck by the artificial nature of being online after reading the responses on a recent blog named ‘Dinner For Six’. What part...

A Very Special Day

A Very Special Day

Something very special happened to me this morning. This is something that happened only sixty two times before today. I became one day older. At 2:10...

Stabbed In The Back

Stabbed In The Back?

You cannot be betrayed by your known enemies. You expect them to stab you in the back and therefore you never turn your back towards them. It is natur...

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