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Special Friends

Special Friends!

Special friends such as U, Are so rare in life - That they must be sent by God, To colour our lives With His Love!!!...

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Jesus loves you...

Michael W Smith Place In This World

Michael W. Smith - Place In This World

An, old time favorite song...

Eternity My remix remix

Eternity My remix remix

A video and remix I made :)...

Jesus Christian techno

Jesus-Christian techno


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Disgusting To Say The Least

Disgusting, To Say The Least!

I’m not a Christian and therefore not bound by their conventions. I don’t have to turn the other cheek. I criticize the Church from time to time and p...

It Is All In The Mind

It Is All In The Mind.

Hindus don’t eat cows because they are holy while Muslims and Jews don’t eat pigs because they are unholy. So if I have it right, an animal must be un...

A Sober Look At Crucifixions

A Sober Look At Crucifixions.

The Romans were experts in the art of crucifixion. They were also notorious accountants and we know a lot about them today. Crucifixion was the sta...

Why all the fight over religion No US against TH

Why all the fight over religion?? No US against TH

I have read the Bible, Old Testament, The Quran, the Gita, Karbala, Buddha (which is not a religion but a philosophy of life), etc. If it is in a book...

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