10 Tips To Keep A Woman Happy

10 Tips To Keep A Woman Happy!

Always be yourself.

Many men don’t feel that they are good enough to catch a beautiful woman, so they put on a show. A confident man is the sexiest beast around. I know you have noticed that some of the ugliest guys have the prettiest women. That is because they display a level of confidence that is more attractive to women than physical looks.

Do the little things.

This means offering to take her car in for an oil change or giving her a bag of Jelly Bellies from time to time. Sometimes men think in terms of “grand gestures,” when it is the little things add up to keep long relationships.

Appreciate her.

Don't take her for granted. Let her know that you value her.

Avoid looking and admiring other women when you are with her.

Women think that you are comparing her to the woman you’re looking at. They don’t understand the whole concept of “the day I stop looking is the day I die.” This comes from the biological drive for monogamy in women. Women are looking for a lifetime partner for a man with whom they can raise children. They can’t help it. That’s how evolution designed them. So minimize the ogling, especially when she’s around.

Make her laugh when ever you can.

While men list good looks at the top of the things they need in a woman, women list a man’s sense of humor. So, if you want the relationship to last, keep her laughing.

Seek common interests.

It’s great if you got together because of a hobby or an interest, but it still helps when you take an interest in a long standing passion of hers. If this means developing an appreciation for foreign films, so be it. This shows that you care about her and she’ll know you are one in a million.

Once you get the girl, it may seem like you don’t have to try anymore.

Women are less sensitive to looks than men are, they still like a man who makes an attempt to look good. So, shave on weekends. Keep in touch with the latest fashion trends for men. Don’t get sloppy just because you’ve landed her. You can unland her just as easily.

She will need to know that she can integrate you into her circle of family and friends.

A man must be part of her larger life, especially after the first few weeks of passion are over. Make an effort to get along with her girlfriends and impress her parents. A woman relies on her social network to validate her relationship choices. So,make a strong effort.

Always be considerate of her feelings.

Women are less stable than guys. Part of this is hormonal. When you are sensitive to her mood, you won’t get on her bad side.

Be open to trying new things.

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is new from the types of dates you arrange to the way you kiss. But, after a while, these things become routine. If you find that your relationship has fallen into a rut, shake things up. Try something new. It will go a long way to keeping your relationship healthy.

My intention is not to reduce the numbers of guys on this site.

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It really is a great list. Just add one more. The 11th tip could have been. <Remember to tell and show her your love many times a day. If she loves you she will angel
love color=red]
Hallo I agree with these 10 points but these 10 points never apply on Indian women..Indian women are quite different...
they run after onlybanana banana banana or paisa nothing more. Now a days Indian women have no love, theybanana only
like europeon,russian,amrican,south american,letin american,african women..Indian are quite different..theses women onlypeace shows to bpeace loyal but somthing is ulta pulta..
Too Funny-
Give them Xanax.

Seriously- Listen intently what a Women has to say, then, be the man, and do what you want.

there only one way to keep a woman happy give her xanax five times daly and a lot of ativan and she will love you all day long women are thick like DAT and her sleepers at night after you have you way
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing OMG this list was previously published in the last century??????lol it has we must be more sensitive to a womans moods...........because she has poor moods because of her hormones, ...................wow after 200 years of womans issues,and fighting for their rights and equality etc we men now have to review our viewsrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
a blank face has a challenging grin wine
ilike it,
bt is it possible for a man?,
i dnt think so,
bt yes if it wl happen then the next will be evergreen.
How about do things for each other.
Excellent list Best4, I would also add "no matter what don't fall into the 'Old Married" routine....If you don't know what I mean it falls into the, comfort catagory...both women and men like that comfortable feeling they get once a relationship has formed. But, as many of your tips pointed out, keep her on her toes. Keep her thinking, Keep the mystery alive. If men get involved in a relationship and are very communicative, spend tons of time with the woman then slowly get comfortable and slow down what do you think is going to happen to the relationship...it will freeze up and nothing will thaw it.
yeh that was a good list and very true, it did seem a bit short though haha

i liked Chris Rock stand up comedy list he said men need food sex and quiet, but the list for womens needs was immense haha very funny if u ask me but laughs aside everyone is an individual and needs will differ right? thats what makes people interesting
Anything this man says is worth listening to. He knows what he's talking about and can stand behind these words. lips
Jamesrf45, 10 Tips to keep a man happy are on same page by some one else! Thanks
oh a man who has done his home work .well done.banana
great list applause
great list applause
professor You have scored an (A) with the womencheering
But what about us guysconversing If you had to always pay that
close of attention to everything doh The heck with her.
She needs help and would be likefrustrated To keep her happy.
Find a women who is confident about herself, and loves you for
who you are, not everything you can do for her..
handshake Just my thoughtsdunno Maybe I'm wrong.wine
I personally am not an expert but I try to use them to help keep me focussed in a relationship. Please don't ask me why I quit my ex..........devil
I am a female and the "10 Tips To Keep A Woman Happy" were awesome!!!! Love It. I pray that all men would practice your tips.
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