Top ten questions you need to ask the man you want to start dating....

These questions you must ask a man before dating him. To find out if he is right for you. Not only that, but if you really like this man, ask the questions to make him think and connect to him in a emotional level, not just sexually. Because you want him to want you, think about you when you're apart, and most of all desire you.

How would you describe your ideal first date?

Mine would be a bucket of KFC with side items and sweet tea with a blanket on the ground at the park. So it would be easier to get to know each other better. What better way to do so, over a meal in the outdoors to enjoy freash air and good company? None other because afterwards you can swing, he can push, and take turns, slide down the slides together, race, and etc. A man loves a good challenge, and a sexy woman to bring it out of him.

How would you describe your your relationship with your family?

I would describe my relationship as a good one, because like with any family you will have disagreements, but that's what makes you closer is working through them and love them so much more.

How would you describe your temper or reaction if something didnt go as planned and you had your heart set on it?

My reaction would not mad in no way, because it must have been a good reason why it didn't go as planned. I would then find out the source before putting your foot in your mouth sort-a-speak.

If we were to go out on a first date, would you try to make a move on me?

My answer would be no. Because he may really be wanting a good loving wife in the future, and not a woman that would be easy 'cause remember a man loves a challenge.

If this relastionship works out? How do you feel about our relationship?

My response is it don't matter what the question is about the relationship don't ask him that. It is a major turn off to a man.

All women and men love compliments.

Let him know when he is talking to you about a major decission at work or in general, that he made the best decission possible, that will let him know you are supportive in his decissions.

What is a body language that turns a man on?

Find out his likes and dislikes and apply them in a casual, like tilting you head back just a little and lean back from him, it makes a woman look like she is not chassing him, there for he will find you very sexy and will want more of you. Make him run after you.

Been thinking about him all day.. should I call him?

Noooooo. Nooooo!!!! You do not call him, you do not text him, you do not email him, you do not get in touch with him in any way shape or form!!!! Otherwise how will he miss you??? You do not want him to think you are checking up on him like his mother. Another big turn off. If he gets in touch with you reply. It's like a take turn game... he makes a move you back up. Remember make him run after you. Let him know you are interested by reply.

What was your favorite games as a child?, and as an adult?

Help apply the games to a date. He will know you have reasons for you questions, and will listen to you when you talk to him, not at him or be bored waiting for the date to be over before it got started. Because you showed thought and consideration to the date with him. Remember give and take. When you give in these kinds of ways he will want to take you for his forever.

Would you tell a lie, even if it was a white lie and really didn't matter?

My answer would be NO! Because a little lie turns into a big and then even bigger lie. So he would want honesty also. If a man would feel as if he had to lie to you then something is wrong, you want honesty so give it. It is free. :-)

Good luck and hope you find everything you have always wanted and best wishes to all.

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In an ideal world perhaps some of these questions are appropriate yet, just how truthful will anyone be? Are we to assume women will lay down all their secrets Hell no!

Tell people what you want them to know anything else is none of their business unless you plan to marry and even then there is always going to be doubt.

If everyone was straight up there would be no divorce and unhealthy relationships. Always consider People are loyal to you only of their need of you. Once their needs change so does their loyalty.
say all things like it is in your life cheering
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