Top 10 weird things about me

Top 10 weird things about me
When i hopefully meet people on this site i want to know all about them and not have it b about me. But when you are trying ro win people's attention its more about showing yourself off. This list hopefully will do that - number one being im just weird

I was a strange little kid

i could spell words but didnt speak until i was 2 1/2years old
I could never be late to school even though i was absent all the time - i was king of the fake cold

I didnt fulfill my potential

all through school i could finish a test in 10 minutes that took everyone else 45 yet ive spent 18 years working in jobs with no paperwork
Instead of taking advanced classes in high school i took all basic my senior year and didnt even buy a bookbag

I have this need to do everything in some not normal way

i have a masters degree in education. I did not take even one education class at grad school
I like movies but only if i alternate between 4 at the same time

Dont throw out anything till im not there

i am a reformed hoarder. When i sold my childhood home i left behind enough trash to fill four 20 foot dumpsters. Saddest part - not one of those items was worth keeping or ever missed
I have cried when items were thrown out on an episode of 'the simpsons'. They arent real and i was 35 yrs old

I never was the typical male

i have been mistaken from a female at least 20 times when my hair was long in back
I was once part of a group of six friends. I was the only guy.

Mental illness and its benefits

i have severe ocd. Once i wrote a list of my 100 favorite songs then id remember this and that song. Currently the list is over 1700 songs long
My clothes in my closet are itemized by summer/winter, color and have to face the same way

As has been said ' i am a stupid smart person'

I have a 125 iq. I work with special needs people. Without their help i wouldnt know how to use fb messenger, find half of my favorite online sites, know hulu existed and see first hand that while somebody may function on a child's level they know when they are respected and that staff need to be told that they are appreciated as well.

When hooking up the dvd player i always take 10 minutes cuz the new tvs changed all the input colors. Last time a client said why dont u write it down for next time. Since it was a great idea and i never thought of it i yelled at him and wouldnt do it

Dont bother cooking for me

I eat only foods that i enjoyed when i was seven and none are healthy. I read online i have more sugar a day than the average person in 5 days so, yes, i could die at any time
I Hhave never had a salad and never tried coffee

Your bedroom should never be exited!

I have a portable toilet in my bedroom and everyone should!
I have a couch, a bed, a recliner, a foldout chair, and a inflatable mattress in my bedroom

We only need one arm

im not one of those horrifically positive people and i dont think bad things happen only to people who can handle them. That said i lost all use of my arm permanently last year and people constantly console me for my now difficult life but afta the first few weeks there has not been one day i wished i could use my arm again. It has a 0.01% effect on my life daily and the brain has an amazing ability to make you not notice how different you have to do things. And no matter how much i tell this to people nobody believes me. I wouldnt if it didnt happen to me so i understand
I can put deodorant on my left armpit with my left hand. Apparently50% of people cant and that would have not been good

The meaning of life

Farts are funny. I will never understand why some people act like u just killed their dog and offended all that is right in life. I once scared a dog with a fart. If you are a fart hater just remember you will have the last laugh one day when i let that risky fart go. Not so funny for me!

I have no idea why i wrote that

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