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Back Down Memory Lane

I been thinking about the people that, had been here @ ConnectingSingles. In the pass with us. On the blogs & Forums! And I am dedicating this post, in memories of them 2015...hug

And I also! Will like for you to add your memories of someone that was here at CS. In the pass, to the post.

I know many of them. But! I will like for you to add on too!

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Breaking News Alerts!

Guess Who's Birthday It Is Y'all?
Awww! Come On Now. Take A Guess?_____wink

The One And Only! cowboy...... ( MICLEE )

Let Me/ Us, See You Drop It! Like It's Hot!

balloons balloons balloons balloons

head banger Now! How Low. Can You Go? Can You Go All The Way To The Floor????

Happy Birthday! Sweet Sugar._____cheering
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That's Right!.....

Awwww! So it seem that you have had a little problem with your computer these pass weeks. And It seems that you may have made some improvements as well. Because you haven't mentioned it in your blogs anymore.
Good For You! Girrrl ___ hug


Dip! Baby, Dip.
Dip It! Real Good____ dancing

Got dog! I forgot to bring the drinks. I will be right back.___moping
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Happy Birthday! " To A Great Blog Friend To Many! "

May your birthday be full with joy. And may you live to see many more birthday's to come.....hug
Happy Birthday Catfoot ( Bob )...thumbs up
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A 3 Dollar Birth;

innocent I enjoyed your time here with us @ cs. And you may not know this. But! I do. And I will say unto you!

happy birthday ROBERT

yay And May all your hopes & needs come forth to you.

Now! Drink up dude! beverage delivery drink pouring

dancing It's Birthday Party Time!
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Birthday Girl!!!!

wine Happy Birthday, Teenager! (Teenameena)

May you have a great day/ night. And a wonderful daily life!....hug
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Hehe & He

A little boy asked his dad; Is God black or white? And his dad says: Both son, he's both! The little boy then asked his dad; Is God a men or a women? Then his dad says again: Both son, he's both. " So! The little boy says out loud: " Was Micheal Jackson, The God? ". . . . rolling on the floor laughing Joke!
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The Genie & A Wish!

There was a man who was walking down a dirt road. And found something sticking out of the ground. He stopped to look at it and then he dug it up, it was dirty. So! He rubbed it with a cloth and then.. POOF! Out came a genie and it said, "Three wishes hmmm... Sorry! I only have one wish left choose wisely!"

So! The man began to think of a wish and he said, "Can you give me a hour to think?" "Of course!", said the genie. And then SWIRL! He went into the lamp and got carried to the man's home.

When the man got home he first asked his mother, blind mother said, "I wish I could see my grandson!" Then his father who said, "I want to be rich!" and then ask his wife! And she said "I wish our first child could have swingset! So he got all of the wishes in one. What did he wish for???_______________


dancing And I will, see what I can do for you today!
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HeHe & He!

sheep Alittle boy asked his dad: Is god, black or white? His dad says: Both son, he's both. Next! The little boy asked his dad: Is god a men or a lady? His dad says again: Both son, he's both. So the little boy asked out loud: " Was Michael Jackson, the god? ". . . . giggle {joke!}
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