Guess I'll join you bloggersmoping What can we do?confused No one seems to really give themselves fully into this daggone dating site. dunno It's like a game, everyone gets up at bat for a while, take a few swings, then strike OUT!!sigh I'm on here for real, everything in life's a chance, a risk, call it what you will, it's up to you to give yourself and someone else that chance. conversing They have to feel the same way as we do taking the chance/risk of it being a failure sad flower But we'll never know if we don't give it a trywow ISN'T THAT WHY WE'RE ON HERE????? head banger I'm no different, it's a bit uncomfortable BUT I'm ready to do it! My self-esteem is there, I'm self assured so there I go! C'mon GUYS, don't be a "scardy cat" blushingI'm here--look me up! Read my profile, see my pics and let's get the ball ROLLLLing!! dancing heart beating hug heart wings teddybear sad flower kiss wink sleep
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Hi ya couldn't have said a truer word.....I've joined this site only cos a few weeks ago I came home from work to an empty pad......and i told myself" get ur arse into geat" and pout some life back into the way i'm living"

so here i I'm the new boy on the block !

It may rock my socks off me if i did find someone who popped around to catch up with me....cos after eight years on my own....I'm so used to not asking anyone ffor permission or opinion where my laundry is....or wot would you like for dinner ??
hope ure still on line...

toodles for now
muzz doh
Yes I am still on here and no one seems to have taken my advice by checking out my profile and giving me a holler!frustrated Guess I'm one of the only ones who are truly looking for someone to enter my life. confused You're really sweet lookin'heart wings It's a shame you live out there and me over in herecrying Maybe somethin' could've happened with us? hug teddybear lips heart1

Hello SAS

Sorry to inform you. . . . .

. . . . . . . . your problem might be that you are a bit too intelligent for this lot.

laugh laugh laugh

dunno dunno

Try blogging something incredibly stupid. . . . . that might get the ball rolling.


heart wings
Ya know, you're right. Maybe I WAS to serious on here.dunno

Maybe I'll try a new blog, thanksteddybear
Hey we are not all dumb on here hun ... but you are right ... I am also on here because im serious about finding someone special and I think when people have been on here for a while they sort of join in the lonesomes social club... Dont want that for myself. but on the other hand ive started to make some realy nice friends on here. Just got to stick at it and get into the forums ... Life and love aint gonna just come knocking if you dont go out there and see whats available, Its just a big old super market out there go shopping yay Be Happy and Good Luck in your venture to find Love handshake hug peace teddybear
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