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I can't figure out how to edit my profile so I am just going to post this blog. I am laid back and easy going for the most part. I am not into drama. I cook for a living. I work nights and weekends. This will never change. I just feel I should be up front about that. I am not a booty call. I'm not a cheater and I hope you are not either. I love my kid and my dogs. I love the mother earth and try to take care of her. I would best be described as a lil bit hippie, a lil bit red neck, and a whole lot just me. I have a pierced nose and a couple of tats. Well thats about about all. BLESSED BE TO YOU!
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You're a beautiful woman, but it seems all we have in common is the age range.
How far did you get trying to edit?
Did you try this?

Just click under the Categories for the information you want to edit.
2nd button to the right of the red scam warning button near the top of the page directly below games . BLESSIT BE .
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