When you arise in the morning and the suns not shining, can you be excited about the scent of the rain, or the anticipation of the wind playing with your hair? (Or your clothes, if you don’t have hair!) Do you greet your day with passion and energy, knowing that whatever happens, that you will handle it, you will get through, no matter what?

Do you awaken with the intention of sharing your love and light with all? Or do you cast shadows on all you meet?

Can you smile anyway, everyday, even though sometimes your heart is breaking, because you know there are others out there who need your smile today?

We have choices everyday. We can make each moment meaningful, we can add light to our world, we can help uplift, motivate, inspire, encourage ourselves and others or we can meet out world with a vengeance. We can spend everyday trying to get back at the world, because we’ve experienced hurt, we lash back at someone else, as if that makes things better, and still the hurt sears our hearts. We can be ungrateful, moan, complain and gossip. We can hurt everyone with our poison, or we can supply an antidote –LOVE. Yes love heals all.

We can choose to meet our world with love today, we can choose to rise and be grateful for all we do have now. We can smile and be kind to ourselves, our family, our partners, our co workers, strangers, neighbours etc. We can choose to be unselective in our kindness and love and decide that it will be given to all today, with no expectations of return, with no obligations attached.

Or we can be glum, growl the words thank you and not mean them. We can scowl at everyone we meet. We can be a victim of circumstances if we like, just repeat this mantra
‘Oh poor me, what have I done to deserve this?’ all day long. We can drag everyone down that we meet, with all our illness stories and burdens and problems. And hey well done, we’ve achieved something here, we’ve added to the world’s misery, what a legacy!

Having been ill last year, at the beginning there was a temptation to sink into the victim mode; I was going for a lot of hospital tests, each one more terrifying than the last. But something clicked within me, and even though I felt awful, I went out and got my hair done, and then I bought myself some new clothes. Okay so I wasn’t getting any sympathy, people started commenting on how well I was looking, and you know what? After a while I did begin to feel better. And then I began to focus on being better, it was a choice you see. Oh and, I’m better now, luckily for me.

Our attitude good or bad will determine our experiences. Oh I’m not saying you will get better if you’re ill and you change your attitude, you may, you may not. But I think we add to our own suffering sometimes. We make the passage more bearable, when we don’t moan and groan!

Ok so the menu is on the table. What’s your choice for today? Are you going to make each moment meaningful, or are you going to wallow in self-pity? Today this moment, this minute, is your opportunity to add something positive to your world. What’s it going to be? Mmmmmm………?

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