Any fun girl in Galway???

I am looking for just a friend...girl from Galway so I can go out with and have some drinks about those men and so on...LOL
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too many girls lookin for girls here ... this is gettin concerning...

GIRLS LOOK FOR GUYS (even for drinks and chat .. perhaps later for something more too), UNDERSTOOD??

laugh laugh
Dont tell me what to doscold
Its just sometimes nice to talk to a girl about shoes,shopping,hairdressers etc...If you think you can handle this kind of conversations with me,then go on ...lets meet up for a
well its gonna be a nightmare taking that sort of conversation but it might be all worth it at the end!

laugh laugh
What wouldnt you do for a pretty lady huh...tongue
My name is friend ...
and I can go out with ...
I can have some drinks with ...
and I can chat about ...
and so on ...
But I am a boy. confused
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