How to trust love!?

I don't try to make it complicated just try to describe how it is complicated itself. beer

How to trust love!?

Thanks for passing by. this is my own not corinthian.

Can anyone help information of accomodation in Sin

Great thanks sweetcocoa1 for your real experienced information.
I've booked 81's. bouquet

RE: Can You Be My Personal Guide?

How I guide you personallyconfused

RE: Why we men want sex in the morning?

It's just because after a long rest we feel strong enough to climb the mountain. cheers

HCM City 12/12/2011

doh don't make me fool. dunno


Nothing is good at all but it should be good if the peace and true human rights come to the Libyan people after then.peace

happy women's day on 8/3

welcome all to my post. Happy to see you feel happy with my post. teddybear

RE: Any fun girl in Galway???

My name is friend ...
and I can go out with ...
I can have some drinks with ...
and I can chat about ...
and so on ...
But I am a boy. confused

valentine is mine?

thanks for you advice moonlight. I joined the club but then in the pub and got drunk......hug

valentine is mine?

nearly 40 years waiting how longer I will I wonder myself Midnite. help

17/12 What about Galway I like

thanks Sleepey, thanks Jedd and thanks Pink for your drop by every of my post. I love you actually. I have gone out a lot and try to find out a girlfriend but one one like you here. teddybear

RE: What are you doing for a stress release?

I was just half of honest. I still keep the left half to sell to anyone who is in need of it. If you like I offer you a special price. cool

Galway - 2 seasons

Good idea I think. And they are good food as well. Especially enjoy with Wine or spirit. yay
I had a furry pet before, she is Lina. A lovely bity animal. She often bites my hand and legs for fun and sometimes she tear my shoes with her teeth.peace
Your bunny looks very cute. But her mother Pink looks so lovely that I almost forget Vic when both in a photo. cool



RE: Best Movie of 2010?

Reign of Assassins or Salt is good enough for rating ****.
I love Angelina Jolie
The hurt locker years before not counted in

RE: What are you doing for a stress release?

When I feel stressful I see clips of hot girls who are hot enough to burn my mind down to give space less for stress.
But unluckily I feel mad about them instead. yay

Galway - 2 seasons

I hope it should be after winter. hug
But you are more lucky than I am.
You have your bunny to help you with that
while I do it

Galway - 2 seasons

yay The wind blew off your house
to give you homeless instead. rolling on the floor laughing

I am jealous with your bunny.
She is your blanket while I am not. crying

RE: Must be kidding!

No. I don't have an extra one. that's why It's so precious that I should protect it from kisses. Especially such serious kisses.teddybear

In Galway I saw some adult shops where adult toys on display.
I have not checked there yet since I prefer real ones to toys. angel

Have you owned any such toys yet PinkCoral (Of course not tongue toy which I am sure you have not yet)cool

RE: Must be kidding!

Lesson learn is I will put my tongue in my pocket prior to have any such kisses. cool

Sorry my Ex-girlfriend

Hi Keesy45. I know I has been so keen too much to her. My feeling, my thoughts. Anyway 2 years already. She has her own life and I should have my own otherwise i am so selfish to myself. I need to win it. Time can heal my wound it is showing so and I hope soon it will be over. Thanks for your dropping by. teddybear

Sorry my Ex-girlfriend

Hi Jedd. I think that's a nice name you give me. I love it.
Some friends advised me to meet some professionals to seek some advices. But I think I am brave enough to let it go. Just a time. It has been almost 2 years actually not too short but not too long. When I wrote this and joined this site I felt much better than I did before. So I think I am on the move.
Merry Xmas and leaky new(s) year. cheering

Sorry my Ex-girlfriend

Hi PinkCoral I love you say "kiss you" instead of "bless you". teddybear.
Thanks a lot my sweet friend. I have felt as we were born to be here for each other. hug

RE: Why man cannot be alone?

If men can be alone then women are the most waste creature in this world. yay

Sorry my Ex-girlfriend

Thanks Jedd. It is not easy but no better way than to let it go.
Wish you a merry Xmas too. christmas happy

looking for some woman I can hate

I don't think it is always true heliya
especially I am very doubt of it about you. yay

looking for some woman I can hate

If 2 in a good relationship there should be a good one of that 2.
If 2 in a worse relationship no comment for such. cool

RE: why quarrel and dispute ? we are friends ........

Friends don't mean always living in peace. cool
Friends are still friends after heavy fighting against each other. yay

Especially sometimes I saw a male and a female quarreling each other seriously for a time then they find out that they are the best match of each other. love

Do you think so!? handshake

RE: The truth about smoking

I think John can help you answer hen_gugu. I am not a smoker so I don't know how hard it will be to give it up.
I tried some in my teenage but luckily I did not feel good of it so it has not become my habit.
My father used to be a heavy smoker. He used to try to give it up many times without success.
Anyway about 10 years ago He gave up and got success till now. It maybe was the right time after all.
He is over 80 now and feels healthy and sleeps well. I am proud of that. teddybear

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