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Once and awhile I find myself wondering about some things. Nothing too serious, though. Just trying to understand what really happened to old time values in what most call now the modern age. Thinking about it in itself can definitely make someone sad.

So, let's start off with a simple one. When did trying to live your life peacefully become such a crime? I've noticed quite a lot that if you sit somewhere (reading a book, using your laptop or just quiet contemplation) while keeping to yourself, it seems to instantly attract people who feel the need to mess with you. For the life of me, I can't understand what normal person would go out of their way to do this. Would it be too much to respect a person's right to be left alone? Being a loner is not evil, despite what others say or the media says, but rather truthfully, a person's right to be drama and stress-free. Does anyone else ever have that problem of just wanting to live peacefully?

Now, onto some good ones. When did having: common sense, compassion, honor, intelligence, and maturity fall to the wayside. I've noticed a lot of things that leave me shaking my head. Especially, when I see people behind the wheel of a car. Why do they put everyone at risk? We may never know the answer. Is the problem how one is raised or do people just naturally act the way that they do? Makes me wonder.

And I will end this series with something that really boggles the mind. When did being a nice guy and truly loving a person for the right reason become such a hated thing? I see more often than not, women writing complaints of not finding nice guys yet when one shows up, they vanish. I've had this happen to me 4 times already. I just don't get it. I know in my heart I won't ever give up on things like: unconditional love, being supportive, patient, loving, kind, faithful, loyal, putting the other person above me and most importantly, bringing out the best in them. Maybe more and more need to be old fashioned. There is no real need to race to the bedroom. I prefer to win the person's heart and let them decide where we go from there. At my age, I'd be just happy to have someone that loves me for who I am despite my faults and not throw me away like trash when things get tough.

Thanks for reading my first blog. Please be gentle with your comments. I really wrote this from the heart. Once again. Thanks.
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Sounds like you have had yours broken a few times, try not wearing your heart on your sleeve as much,..........................hug cheers
The old saying goes [nice guy's finish last] but don't give up I am sure someone is out there just for you..
In our modern era values are lost, people have changed. For worse, not for better.

You see so much superficiality anywhere. People are cheap and vulgar, seeking narcissistic attention like in all these Reality Shows and strive for being famous for nothing that would have quality and substance... Vanity.

Your example sitting in public, just seeking a quiet refuge to read your book and then being disturbed by loud and aggressive people without manners is symptomatic. Many people have lost a sense of decency and consideration for their fellow citizens in public space.

"Common sense, compassion, honour, intelligence and maturity", yes, good old-fashioned values vanish more and more...

I would add empathy, care, respect, commitment, responsibilty.

Your example with the careless driver putting innocent people at risk is typical for our times.
welcome to the blogs and CS, Have a ball cheers
I like my alone time time too. Some persons are plain evil and alot did not the attention they wanted as children so whatever chance or opportunity that presents itself they will take advantage of it, regardless it might be at the expense of another person's peace.

To find someone who you really love, it can be such a hassle at times.

I think it's not about being picky but having that person with certain attributes, morals and principles one desire.

Hope you'll find happiness and love! teddybear
I swear you look like a younger version of Ozzy Osborne. laugh

I appreciate my alone time, as well. Don't go out into public for it, though. I stay home and God help the poor soul that would be brave enough to mess with me there.
Everything change. Only not true love
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