moving to!

well planning to move to cork in new yr doing a course and wana make new friends and advice re best places to to eat and and not so safe areas..lived in kerry all my life...looking forward and anxious too..but mostly lookin for new start....any help appreciated.......................mteddybear
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Keep away from those dark allys and remember to pack your magic weapon tongue
oh!!!ur alive....
thanx for great advice,il rem to pack my screwdriver and impulse!make ye go wild....confused
what part of cork ????

the citys manily grand .....

depends what ur lookin 4 re food and drink , the brog is always a good spot and there are some good clubs. as for restraunts there are alot of great places. there is one very nice place on pauls street , but i cant remember the name lol !!!!
sorry ,moving to city of cork in new year!!!know it well enough jus dont know good pubs or clubs to go to,et etc....ta anyhoo...mteddybear
I lived in cork for 10 years and absolutly loved it. Im sure you will have a ball. Most of the pubs around the city centre are good but try the old oak. Its always good to start and the black bush across the road. I think its called Scotts now though. After that it depends what your into as far as pub scenes go. I always found cork pubs great but the night clubs are not so good. Im out of cork 7 years now so it could be different now.

Best of luck with the move.
Ta for info................handshake
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