Questions we've always asked ourselves

What color does a smurf get when you choke him?

What does a butterfly feel when he is in love?

What is the expiration date doing on sour crème?

What are sheep counting when they want to fall asleep?

Do they have coffee breaks in a tea company?

What happens if I laughed myself two times half dead?

Why gets a man that tells a woman dirty things called a sexist while a woman that tells a man dirty things gets one dollar per minute?

Why does a crash pilot carry a helmet?

Why do they have cat food with chicken, fish and beef but not with mouse?

If a schizoprenic threatens with suicide is this then taking hostages?

Is a full hard disk heavier than an empty one?

If swimming is good for the development of arms and legs, why do fish don’t have arms or legs?

Why are cigarettes getting sold at gas stations where smoking isn’t even allowed?

If driving is forbidden after you were drinking, why do bars have parking spots everywhere?

If nothing sticks to Teflon, how is Teflon fastened at the pan?

Does a fish get exactly like a human these cramps if he goes swimming directly after eating?

What are the hard plastic ends called at the shoestring?

If a store is open 24 hours a day on 365 days a year, why does it have a lock at the door?

If swimming makes thin what are blue whales doing wrong?

If corn oil is made of corn, how does it look with baby oil?

If superglue really sticks everywhere, why not on the inside of the tube?

Why is the line never busy when you dial the wrong number?

Why do you need an appointment for the visit at the Clairvoyant?

If the universe is everything and expands, where does it extend then?

If we have 0 Degrees today and tomorrow it will be twice as cold, how cold will it be then?

Do we get money back if the cap drives backwards?

Why are carrots more orange then oranges?

Why do people believe immediately when you tell them that the sky has 400 billion stars, but when you tell them the bench is fresh painted they have to touch it to see if it is?

Why does lemon lemonade consist chiefly of artificial ingredients while in dish washing soap is real lemon juice?

Why Tarzan has no beard?

Do married people live longer or do they just think they do?

With what speed does darkness spread itself?

How do you pack styrofor balls when you want to send them?

Is there another word for synonymous?

If sign maker are striking, who describes their signs?

Is the term self-help-group not absurd?

How would chairs look if we had the kneecap behind?

Why do noses run while feet smell?

Why do women never go alone on the toilet?

Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

Why do they use in the states sterilize syringes/ needles for “deadly injection”?

Do blind eskimos have blind sled dogs?

Why are there life jackets in airplanes instead of parachute?

How does a snowplough driver come to work in the morning?

If you would sit in an airplane that flies with light speed, what would happen if you turn on the floodlights?

On most consumables stands “opening here”. What does the protocol prescribe if there would stand: “open somewhere else”?

If the so-called “black box” of an airplane is indestructible, why don’t they make the whole airplane out of that material?

Why does someone ask questions if they don’t want to have an answer anyways?
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How do you know for sure that you didn't just now come into existence, complete with a mind full of pre-programmed memories? confused dunno frustrated
rolling on the floor laughing thats really funny i like thatrolling on the floor laughing you do have a point on these things thats just so funny
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