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FF News: Covid 19 to reach one million cases says The Wolf?? (3)

Mar 26, 2020 2:13 PM CST FF News: Covid 19 to reach one million cases says The Wolf??
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“Bearish,’ says The Wolf of Wall Street…??

by Aaliah Khota

(3 April 2020—Reuters) The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla

who is currently

In isolation in his Washington home, says that ‘new cases,’

in The United States, Spain,

Italy and Britain have ‘jumped up,’ within the l a s t several weeks,

and expects markets

to continue their downward spiral amid the Corona Virus.

“This Chinese Virus has already cleaned out so many old age

homes and Metropolitan districts,

that we have to quarantine our Covid 19 patients in states that

are less affected. Thus far,

high alerts have been issued in New York, California, Philadelphia

and Dallas.’ President

of The United States, Mr. Donald Trump echoed.

Whilst prices across the globe have already remained cheap,

markets are still open, expecting

cases to drop by May or even June, reported BBC NEWS.

“Europe is infected beyond control, Italy is in a mess, Spain is in shambles,

and Britain cannot cope

with high infections in the hospitals as we expect more cases.’

looped The World Health Organization.

Speaking to Footprints in Washington, local resident,

Ms. Jenifer Samson

noted that Washington

has been on a ‘lock down,’ as more cases come through.

“President Trump is being too optimistic to open for the country for business.

As the curve flattens

and starts to drop, that’s when we can only plan to open up our borders.

With the high number of

cases reaching one million, Easter will have to be spent at home.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA,

Forex SA, Instagram SA,

Twitter SA and South African Airways noted that he had just

purchased more shares

In some companies, expecting the curve to drop within

the next few months.

“We are in close negotiations to free up some more money

so that we may purchase

more of these blue-chip companies at low prices.’

Other celebrities including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez,

Kim Kardashian, Kendell Jenner, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

kicked that they have been spending their time in isolation

playing football,

watching videos on The Omar Abdulla Group, spending quality

time with family, and studying.

Meanwhile, The Washington Times concluded that

The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla

was speculative on South African companies, as the third world country,

has showed some positive


“I am confident that the rand will do much better, with

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s strict approach

to lock down the country. He is a strong minded president

and my talks with him, could see more buying into Eskom,

SABC News, and other SEO companies.’
Mar 26, 2020 2:56 PM CST FF News: Covid 19 to reach one million cases says The Wolf??
another friggen Anxiety-maker!
Just what we needed!mumbling
Mar 26, 2020 5:50 PM CST FF News: Covid 19 to reach one million cases says The Wolf??
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Supply and demand. Plenty of dead people but nobody to buy any stock.uh oh
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