RE: Illinois judge ordered 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett's criminal case file unsealed.

I believe he's had some well-connected "Friends",but it looks like they just used him,and dropped him like a hot Potato when thing started to go south!

RE: Border Alert

only until some a$$hole Activist Judge puts an Injunction on it.very mad

RE: Supreme Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsberg

seems SCOTUS,as of this moment is still Ruth-less!wow

RE: What Were Your Grandparents Right About?

seems that one didn't get the message!


RE: Bilderberg 2019

same Old Boy's Network wreaking Havoc!mumbling

RE: Do you Q?

that's what I think!
Invented by the very ones who ought to be purged!
Swamp directing the Narrative!

RE: Bilderberg 2019

Bunch of Leftist Billionaires most likely,figuring out what Skulduggery they could engage in!

RE: How long have you been on CS?

around September 6th '07.
uh oh

RE: Bilderberg 2019

wonder who will be there!

RE: Iran US conflict

aren't you getting slightly confused now Raph?
Turps getting too strong?
Open a window or two,before those fumes lay you flat!

RE: Iran US conflict

naw,that space is taken by the duo of Jimmah and Barackio!

RE: Iran US conflict

john bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran mccain wow

RE: Iran US conflict

Poor deluded Raphy!
John McCain?
Whom are you trying to $hit?

RE: Iran US conflict

you two need to get a Room!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Iran US conflict

as Epirb posted,you Guys have nothing worth to rebut!laugh comfort

RE: Ilhan Omar

rolling on the floor laughing confused
She is a POS,that doesn't belong into the US,nor into Congress!

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