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Our Friend the Inferno2595Nov 2017
Little Thelma6934Sep 2015
The Out-House8567Oct 2014
To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me1,2332Apr 2012
Swedish archaeologists find Thor's Hammer1,24817Apr 2013
A Guide to MAN Tools1,20215Nov 2013
Four bears break into cabin; drink 100 beers1,06912Aug 2012
White House Scientists Struggle to Contain Outbreak of Scrutonium1,88232Oct 2012
Who Let The Dogs Out?1,67026Apr 2013
An Oklahoma Kid's first Bow and Arrow set1,29013Dec 2011
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?4,16320Mar 2013
Pressure Cooker1,16110Aug 2013
The Diamond-Broach!96513Apr 2014
Fred Phelps, Leader Of Westboro Baptist Church Is Dead3,73795Mar 2014
IRS posted the Social Security numbers of tens of thousands of Americans..1,0176Jul 2013
Pocket Tazer Stun Gun,great gift for the wife1,17211May 2013
star programmer fired for outsourcing his own job6908Mar 2013
Woman accused of exposing breasts at cameras2,01621Mar 2013
New Pope Elected!3,83784Mar 2013
ARTICHOKES2,89751Nov 2012
25 Outrageous Hurricane Sandy Conspiracy Theories7584Nov 2012
Syria agreed to ceasefire plan, says U.N. envoy Kofi Annan3,53569Mar 2012
Daily visits by rooster at US fried chicken restaurant are a mystery1,02113Apr 2012
Universal' cancer vaccine developed2,02828Apr 2012
JetBlue Captain Subdued After Erratic Behavior on Flight1,10819Mar 2012
Blood Mystery Solved: Two New Blood Types Identified1,0878Feb 2012
Lenin2,07823Jan 2012
Never In 80 Hours1,79022Jan 2012
Marine biologist could get 20 years in prison for feeding whales1,66423Jan 2012
Signs You Drink Too Much Coffee!!!1,82421Jan 2012
Battle Royal in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity1,99533Dec 2011
$1.6 Trillion Obamacare.1,77425Dec 2011
Christmas carrols for the disturbed8295Dec 2011
Pet shoots Owner1,20319Dec 2011
Robin Williams has a tickle fight with Gorilla.1,3338Nov 2011
Robin Williams has a tickle fight with Gorilla1,01511Nov 2011
Nation's Morons March On Washington State1,85623Nov 2011
"Three-Legged Chickens"6730Sep 2011
20 types of people you might meet in the Men's Room1,4205Sep 2011

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