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Overcomming REJECTION... ( Archived) (1)

Nov 1, 2008 11:12 AM CST Overcomming REJECTION...
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I have been rejected all of my life. Rejections best friend is Depression. They walk together hand in hand, taking a toll on us and pressing us down.
As one who has now overcome the repeated beatings of rejection and depression, I will share with you, a truth, which brought me to Victory!

I came to know a Truth, a Love so Powerful, which enveloped me, comforted me, brushed away my tears and removed all of my fears.
A perfect Love. A Love that accepted me with all of my faults, and shortcommings. A Love unconditional, which brings no judgement upon me. A Love who listens to me when I am hurting.

In this Love, I have found acceptance, hope, and reassurance that I will never be rejected by it! This Love has proved itself Faithful to me for over 20 years now! This Love enables me to Love others, even when they are rude and mean to me and rejecting me.

Knowing that I am accepted by this Perfect Love, gives me the confidence and strength to journey through life, unaffected by the rejection of others.

I KNOW I am accepted by the one who holds my heart in His hands.
That's all that matters!

This Love is the everpresent Love of God, I found in Jesus Christ, who lives IN me.

He is here, waiting to share this wonderful Love with all who will ask Him to!!!!!!!!!!

HLheart wings
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