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What's on you're mind part 306,101167Oct 2016Oct 201733 mins ago
Happy Fathers Day3385Jun 2016Aug 20169 hrs ago
R.I.P Bishop Daly3403Aug 2016Aug 2016Sep 24
How honest is your profile4,38533Feb 2016Apr 20164 hrs ago
Is it in the Stars or not59816Oct 2015Oct 201524 hrs ago
Casual Relationship/s2,14464Oct 2015Oct 201511 mins ago
What's on your mind part 2718,1801,000May 2015Jul 20152 hrs ago
Post a pic thread part two5,32562Apr 2015Jun 2015Sep 22
What is your art of seduction?1,43252Jun 2015Jun 2015Sep 23
What's on your mind-Part 2614,8121,000Mar 2015May 20152 hrs ago
Profile names1,49865May 2015May 2015Sep 21
Are you a bum, eyes, breast, legs, hands etc etc kinda guy/girl1,60645May 2015May 2015Sep 23
Pet LIKES2,11978Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 23
New Year's Resolutions/wants/plans for 2015.........3,038126Dec 2014Jan 201512 hrs ago
KIK3,56568Jan 2015Jan 201511 hrs ago
2015 wish list1,12430Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 23
Does being on the forums increase your chance of dating?1,69968Apr 2014Apr 201418 hrs ago
Dare taken: Are older men more grateful?1,63149Mar 2014Mar 20142 hrs ago
Derry-Londonderry-Legenderry1,36131Jan 2014Jan 2014Sep 23
AGE3,460105Aug 2013Sep 201314 hrs ago

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