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ad a line from a song2,760169Nov 2020Jan 12Oct 18
Adelaide Oyster Bar Get together4,24869Mar 2011Jul 20161 hrs ago
Good ole Cuspys Words that Rhyme..or don't or just say hello5,857105Jul 2015Nov 2015Oct 14
love poem for you lovers5343Sep 2013Sep 2013Oct 8
Cuspys words or no words that posssibly rhyme22,50090Aug 2012Jan 201324 hrs ago
The lady leaves7587Dec 2012Dec 2012Oct 11
Cuspys words that Rhyme13,697171Jan 2012Jul 2012Oct 15
Cuspys words that Rhyme1,68822Jan 2012Feb 2012Oct 13
Cuspys words that Rhyme1,35638Jan 2012Feb 201213 hrs ago
Happy Year of The ...Water Dragon!!!98412Jan 2012Feb 2012Oct 8
Happy Year of The ...Water Dragon!!! especially for all the Monkeys, Rats and Dragons out there,....68411Jan 2012Jan 2012Oct 9
Cuspys words that Rhyme8,293249Mar 2011Jul 2011Oct 15
Dr G...Sex Advice1,64960May 2011May 2011Oct 11
Is Capitilist Consumerism sustainable?1,13020Apr 2011May 2011Oct 3
Sydney5709Mar 2011Apr 2011Oct 15
Adelaide- South Aust Oyster Bar Get Together9210Mar 2011Mar 2011Oct 13
Happiness is...4,353135Mar 2011Mar 2011Oct 15
Open Relationships10,619335Jan 2011Mar 201124 hrs ago
Is Culture shaped by Religion4432Feb 2011Feb 20116 hrs ago
Combine different CS Usernames5,816196Jan 2011Feb 2011Oct 15
What is the Term Used to describe the persons living in your Area1,52533Feb 2011Feb 2011Oct 3
What under garments presently adorn your body2,15057Jan 2011Feb 2011Oct 18
Is it too late ...Where will we be in 50yrs time1,38538Nov 2010Jan 2011Oct 15
Long Cheng, Laos99812Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 17
Fast food affectionados Vs Reasonably healthy eating persons1,12228Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 14
Combine CS User Names4,452156Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 16
Combine Different CS User Naes1,28424Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 10
Clickety Click... Blah Blah Blah blah!1,97950Dec 2010Jan 2011Oct 19
If the Bill of Rights4037Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 15
Is Age just a number, in Sex,Dating...Loving Relationships2,60177Dec 2010Jan 2011Oct 17
How much Sugar shouild a sugar daddy posses1,26533Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 12
Do it Now55510Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 14
Recycling in the home1,73653Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 19
How much Sugar shouild a sugar daddy posses1,73735Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 3
Seasons blessed61815Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 8
Stuff.... Beyond imagination1,87943Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 3
Do you Dream in Colour or Black and White1,51947Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 10
Seasons blessed5588Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 9
Place a specific "Use by Date" on Anything1,73256Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 10
Place a specific "Use by Date" on Anything5479Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 5
Place a specific "Use by Date" on Anything91523Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 12
Place a specific "Use by Date" on Anything56410Dec 2010Dec 2010Oct 17

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