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To get to heaven you go through hell1213Apr 24Apr 24May 21
Fathers day is every other day EXCEPT. day1772Feb 12Feb 263 hrs ago
Scariest dreams tell us38033Feb 18Feb 23May 23
Quotes that made you laugh or smile42333Feb 15Feb 2311 hrs ago
Bread of Life55246Feb 12Feb 136 hrs ago
B.I.B.L.E: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth1867Feb 11Feb 11May 23
There is only ONE1100Jan 21Jan 213 hrs ago
Which Country would you visit?4639Oct 30Oct 3015 hrs ago
Atheist and A believer fist fight who wins?60931Oct 22Oct 26May 20
What made you believe there is a God?1,16554Jan 2017Oct 2517 hrs ago
Are video games wasted space?5874Jan 2017Jan 201710 hrs ago
I love you1888Jan 2017Jan 2017May 22
If you didnt have to buy anything anymore eg: food, house, car, land etc. would you...2340Mar 2017May 23

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