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What does your dream woman/ man look like?66414Aug 28Feb 5Feb 19
Am i on my lonesome on this one?50410Sep 2Feb 52 hrs ago
Do you think there is a God?92023Aug 27Nov 142 hrs ago
Do you have any regrets87622Aug 28Nov 13Feb 19
Whats a good first date idea?74316Aug 28Nov 1312 hrs ago
Can you comment on what topics interest you?41813Aug 31Nov 13Feb 20
If you could have dinner with any 5 people alive or dead who are you picking?93619Aug 26Sep 1748 mins ago
Has any ever been in an interracial relationship?1,01016Sep 2Sep 1111 hrs ago
Cuckholding?5612Sep 2Sep 1013 hrs ago
My profile pic is amazing!47610Sep 2Sep 1041 mins ago
Should the man always pay?1,63142Aug 27Sep 82 hrs ago
What Cultural differences have you experienced?3999Sep 2Sep 7Feb 17
Ham or cheese?3985Sep 2Sep 79 hrs ago
Whats the best chat up line you ever heard?76422Aug 27Sep 64 mins ago
Do you think horoscopes are accurate?5039Sep 2Sep 67 hrs ago
What country has the best looking people?78217Aug 31Sep 614 hrs ago
Please wish me luck or throw me a blessing4886Sep 2Sep 318 hrs ago
Something you've learned about this site?1,08521Aug 28Sep 313 hrs ago
Whats a good love song?57011Aug 28Sep 312 hrs ago
How do you like your eggs in the morning?2927Sep 2Sep 3Feb 18
Does anyone know?3394Aug 31Sep 1Feb 18
Do you feel addicted to this site?2512Aug 31Sep 124 hrs ago
What do ladies like in a man79118Aug 26Sep 18 hrs ago
Best way to ask a woman out?2041Sep 1Sep 14 hrs ago
Sombody is kicking in your door...pick a weapon?85824Aug 28Sep 17 hrs ago
Should i leave this site?4867Aug 28Sep 1Feb 17
Would you be pissed????3435Aug 29Aug 31Feb 17
What is your top 2 game changers that you started doing that makes a hugh difference in life?4957Aug 27Aug 311 hrs ago
Lets write a story together?2816Aug 29Aug 3121 hrs ago
Night out?4992Aug 29Aug 317 hrs ago
Word on the street is.....55515Aug 29Aug 312 hrs ago
Do most Americans dream of hiding in a bunker?49221Aug 29Aug 3014 hrs ago
Whaf do you think of this poem?4335Aug 28Aug 295 hrs ago
Whats a good plot for a book?2473Aug 27Aug 28Feb 17
Do you have a favourite fictional character?52222Aug 28Aug 28Feb 17
Do you agree with the phrase?2151Aug 28Aug 28Feb 20
One must disapear forever79925Aug 26Aug 288 hrs ago
Anyone ever have a supernatural experience? Or a ghost story?2958Aug 27Aug 28Feb 17
Who'd win in a fight ? (spelling could be wrong)2991Aug 26Aug 2611 hrs ago
Women, your at the bar and see two men. Pick one5659Aug 26Aug 2612 hrs ago
At what age do you feel you've reached your "sell by" date?1570Aug 27Feb 17
Do you feel you produce more than you consume?1520Aug 28Feb 17

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