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Let's draw and paint together - Foreword - II

Let’s Draw & Paint Together




If you wish to draw/paint for working into that domain, you may have two roads, to take – one is following a school of arts, or being self teacher (with certain risks). The difference between these two could be set from certain angles, as for acquiring some knowledge into certain skill one needs a teacher, a guide; but my personal opinion is that self teaching could be a way to discover yourself (based on a question like – “Ok, but what about the 1st painters? They did not had someone to teach them!” It was not a miracle always that one had the gift of mastering the art of drawing/painting, neither the 1st artist to have someone who taught it – therefore, I do believe that was possible a mastery also not having a teacher – it’s own soul who was a teacher, God was a teacher, nature was a teacher, the universe was a teacher and… even the small pencil, was its teacher! Then, in such roads, one may encounter crossroads. Goes on a path, follows another and so on, till one day either works as a private organization, agency, either works in education domain, under signature, with diplomas or other documents. Yet, even among them, could be found persons who maybe studied hard and never reached anywhere, just because they did not had the opportunity and perhaps their works will be visible after their death. But in that case, of following one of these roads, you have the chance to experience a lot of things – people have many different techniques, when comes about drawing or painting; my personal opinion is that one may have a specific technique as a guidance, but in a certain moment should seek a personal one – old masters had that, if one may study the structures of their paintings. So, one may work in education, one may be self employed – in that aspect, could be also a big deal since there are many “street painters” who actually doesn’t master any technique, or even creating the so-popular term called “Kitsch”. Yet, even that, is their work – doesn’t matter that such a work is best or better, or if values a lot of money or not, or if is well received by public, or if follows a certain structure defined by drawing/painting manuals, or not. It is all about people’s choice!

If you wish to become a master in the art of drawing/painting, prepare yourself for a lot of sacrifices, in the real meaning of word. Such skill requires a huge amount of work, as the word saying “from 1000 bad paintings, comes a good one”. Here is strictly necessary a large study upon the history of arts and variety of techniques, is forbidden to avoid the basic rules of drawing/painting, is extremely necessary a permanent seeking of accuracy, realism and not only – in my personal view, only some people in the history of arts were alike ultimate masters – the classics – but my personal view strictly makes a reference because I love the realism of their paintings, alike the drawings or paintings come alive; I don’t deny the aspects of the impressionists, as I am aware that there was set an accent on leaving emotion traces in the colors, as well as “tricking” the viewer that the things are there, but not there.

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Let's draw and paint together - Foreword - I

Let’s Draw & Paint Together



“For me, ART is something beyond my poor meanings of words - my words can define a mountain, even with a large amount of details - yet, the mountain, is not the same with the word representing it.”

Before you draw or paint, you need to establish an objective to be reached. A primary question for you should be: “Why do you want to draw/paint?” The answer will provide you some aspects for determination of the limits you establish right even before to start. Some people could answer that they want to draw/paint for fun or relaxation – in fact, the majority would say that. Others will say that they want to draw/paint for they wish to work or activate in that field. In the end, there is a small percent of people who would draw/paint because they feel that such creativity exists inside them, runs alike the blood through their veins. No matter what answer will be, one needs to know exactly what its goals are. It is your time to ask yourself such a simple question!

If you wish to draw/paint just for fun and relaxation, you maybe won’t expect too much things to happen, concerning a progress in a continue process along years – you will be just satisfied that you found a way to enjoy the free time you get from a daily routine, or it is another way to deal some problems, a possible refuge inside art; maybe you are not much than a simple observer, you don’t need to know history, or too many techniques and in case that happens, is just accidentally, or… you are just happy in the small universe that surrounds you when drawing or painting.

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Nude Model

If you need to do a painting or drawing of a nude model,then I'll be the model for a small fee!

RE: Im a artist of sidewalk art to intricate chinese drawings

Awesome talent! Such wonderful mediums.
I, too, ZONE into my art production; time flies by.
DESIGNING & COMPOSING is part of my thinking, automatic like breathing. Always perculating, then YeGads! I scribble the idea in a notebook. Yes, I get to finish creating an actual piece. Every couple of days for some; some took months. Oh, but a labor of love!
So, Striper, tell/show me tissue paper art. I look forward to it.


Hi all,

I am a street Busker and i love it,been at it 20 years.wave

Philly Poet

Hi everyone :) I write poetry and posted one in the "poetry" section of the site. Check it out. I believe in expressing yourself to the fullest and doing it in a creative fashion, makes the outcome excellent. peace

RE: Anyone do any moving pictures media works?

Hi GreenTassels, I just joined the group, I was a graphic artist.
The stress made it to much.

Also, I selected your name by accident and saw your page, I like men.

I have not tried working with film media. Good luck.

The Dobe

Hi, I just found the groups on CS.

I found a winner. Hi all. Would like to talk with you all.
I am only 1 hour from great Musuems in Washington, DC.
I love the National Art Musuem, and the American History.
Also, the Post Office Musuem - they are creating great stamps now. I like to see the artwork they use, etc. These places are fun places to go to.

The Dobe n Virginia

RE: hello all artist

Art, from the heart!

RE: Creative Arts....

share ideas about what, mean, painting sculpture, printmaking, photography, can you specify ...grin please ..wink


Creative Arts....

...Hi, I've joined the group to share ideas...and get some new ones....typing

RE: Printing at home for next to free

Great info. I dont know what part of the world you are in but in my town , there is a place where u can buy printer paper for one buck, that is for small 4 by 9 or whatever. I have a hp photoprinter. I love it. I also have Picture it program I love and also by mistake downloaded cvs photo editior when I forgot my digital camera on the way to my daughters graduation and bought a disposable camera. Now I have 2 conflicting photo editors. Im afraid if I delete cvs, I will lose my pics of course, I have tried to transfer the cvs pics to my picture it program but dont have the smarts to do it. anyway . Take care. Jackiecool

RE: Im a artist of sidewalk art to intricate chinese drawings

i hoppe that you have a good time by draw & drawing
gust be a calm and dont be disturb and draw your line and have a plasure in drawing
byesad flower

Im a artist of sidewalk art to intricate chinese drawings

People tell me how to you keep you hands from shaking, I say as soon as I set up and get ready to draw I become calm. esp. when I start to draw. I have even done toliet paper art, dont down it till you try it I have got more compliments on it. dancing

hello all artist

can you say me that what is the best art in the world?

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