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SCOTLAND Group To promote Scotland and it's culture, scenery, history, humour, poetry, music, literature, art, architecture .... etc, etc. This is for everybody, not just the Scots, it is not a club or clique. Please contribute as you see fit. I have initially invited a few fellow Scots to join, in the hope they can contribute to build up a good data base of information should any of you globe trotting str... read more

RE: Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

I think I would rather have the Midges than the Tennessee ticks which also suck your

My heart is in Scotland

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sigh saving my money and vacation time to return again.

RE: Hi!

Hello Peggy
Fordyce is a small village/parish in the county of Banffshire in the Northeast of Scotland, the Fordyce's were landowners in this area a long time ago and that is where the name comes from. There is some doubt as to the meaning of the name but it may be "southwood" another suggestion is "south-cold" The Fordyce name is associated with the Forbes clan also from the Northeast of Scotland. Not a common name in Scotland now, the Fordyce motto is "persevere" At one time I lived near the village and it is a lovely spot with some very old buildings.
Hope this is of interest to you.

RE: I love Scotland

Your post truly touched my heart, as I can identify with just how you feel. I am from New Orleans La. USA. My father was the only family that I knew on his side and often spoke of Scotland where his family was from. He was a magnificent story teller and would talk on and on for hours about his homeland , that I often felt I was there. He would get this far away look in his eyes, that said his heart was there. I feel he passed that love for where your roots are down to me, for I have those feelings also for my beloved New Orleans as much. or even more than I do for Scotland as well as lreland. I know more than likely, I will never go home due to the critical amount of crime there now, but my heart is often there- still listening to all the familar sounds of the River boats and the Cathedral bells around Jackson Square. You see when my father fell in llove with my mother, he also fell in love with another queen- in fact the queen of queens, my city of New Orleans.
Blessings n thank you for sharing your love of Scotland, I too long to one day see the place my father loved.

Scotish Humour ( Video clips )

May the Mc Force be with you .....laugh



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I love Scotland

I just got back from Scotland 5 weeks ago..Im an Aussie born and bred. Can u imagine that I have been greetin since I got back..I miss Scotland so very much and all my friends I made in Hlensburgh. I miss Loch Lomond. I miss Glen Coe. I miss the snow and cold. I miss haggis..I miss the tartan everywhere..I miss so very much the accent. I am not a happy lady and I want to return to this wonderful place called Scotland which has entered my heart forever.. I cannie live with out you now.
I will try and go back at Christmas this year again. I was there for 3 months and I was so upset to leave I just cried and cried on the plane as it was taking off.
There is something that is calling me back there....don't ask me what it is.I don't know.Its the whole package..I want to meet a Scotsman perhaps one who lives in th highlands. I would just love to live there all my days. I have written a poem about Scotland which I will post next time... so this Aussie Lassie will just have to wait to go back to my beloved Scotland...the land that I love..xx


Just discovered there was a Fordyce Scotland.. and as that is my maiden name, just wondering if anyone can give me some interesting tidbits about this area.. Thanks! Peggy

Food and Drink

wave Hello and welcome to the group.

Cranachan is the name, which is simply delicious.

Here are some recipes, let us know how you got on ...thumbs up


RE: Food and Drink

Hi guys,
I am looking for a recipe for a Scottish dessert made with fried oats, berries (i think it was blueberries or raspberries) and whipped cream & honey... Can't recall a name, but remember its delicious taste :)
Anyone knows?


Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

The last time I went over to the West coast with the kids I took 3 bottles of repellent but never used, didn't see a single midgy.
I still have them somewhere but they mite bee out of date.grin

Still itching I see ...... here, allow me... comfort

rolling on the floor laughing


RE: Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

what a relief...laugh... comfort ... it seems the dangerous is in the north ..have you ever used the insect repellent?...grin

lips bouquet ...........confused confused confused... laugh

Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

confused confused too.... confused confused rolling on the floor laughing

I've found this ....

thumbs up we will be just fine ( I hope ) wow

grin lips wave

Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

blues .... Not that I know of ..... sad flower


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RE: Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

after watch the videos, is like a Midges battalion come to visit me.. my head is itching...mumbling is horrible..

thanks for your advice RD, I´m not sure for going to the Highlands...confused ..grin

bouquet kiss

RE: Tourist Informatrion ( Serious )

wow there must be a special lotion that repel these nasty mosquitoes......uh oh ...boxing ...

RE: Looking for a partner for online business

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cheers cheers for this Pat.


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Food and Drink

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore on trade trip to Brazil

"Scottish Secretary Michael Moore believes ambitious companies in Scotland could help pull the economy out of its current difficulties by investing in emerging markets.

He was making the comment on the second day of a special trade mission to Brazil which has been organised by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.

Here, BBC Scotland's Westminster correspondent followed the politician on his foreign travels."


Food and Drink

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Scotch whisky exports up by 23% ..... yay drink pouring

"Scotch whisky exports soared over the first nine months of this year, with the valuation of shipments rising by 23% on the same period last year."

"The value reached nearly £3bn, with the industry pulling in £125 every second."

Increased demand from the emerging middle classes of China, India, Brazil.

"The city of Recife in Brazil is believed to have the highest per capita consumption of whisky in the world."


RE: Scottish Painter

Portrait Gallery (Scottish National Portrait Gallery)

Re-opens again, Thursday, 1st December 2011 ,10am - 5pm

"Join us at 10am on 1 December when John Byrne opens the doors to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery - be sure to get there early so as not to miss the ceremony. We look forward to welcoming you back to one of Edinburgh's most iconic buildings and all it has to offer."

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