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Dream Lover

As darkness falls and I am alone
The stars look down and hear my moan
Loneliness overtakes me once again
Will I ever find that special man to love again?

I close my eyes and see you there
Happy face, dancing eyes, thick dark hair
I reach out to touch, to kiss, to hold
I step forward to be so bold to find dead space-empty air.

As I turn to my side warmth engulfs me
Eyes closed, confused, I don't have to see
I sense your presence, I feel your heat
Hard body, long legs as our bodies meet
Together, forever in eternity our souls seek.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I am a writer. Many times, as something pops into my head, I will randomly write down a few words or a sentence. I have hundreds of scraps, napkins, notepads in boxes and many times as I go through them I will find and base a new book on a thought or phrase.

I am a freelance writer and photographer. I teach others how to write Erotica...NOT PORN...and basically how to write in any genre. I do not always have a method to my "madness"...I am me!

You will find this little tidbit in one of my novels or scripts. I don't know which one or where but I guarantee it will be there somewhere!


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Comments (5)

beautiful catch the theme of loneliness just
Having written erotica in both verse and prose, I know how difficult it can be to draw the line short of pornography. Nice write EW!wine
Thanks, I could do with a few tips,
yay Thank you all.

I am happy and glad that you enjoyed this little ditty. There will be lots more coming soon and if you have questions, want to learn, have ideas or challenges for me...send me an email and I will get right on it.

Again...thank you!
applause i enjoy your poem madam,very nicely donehandshake
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