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Can someone tell me ....

Can someone tell me
That love is just a simple game
Love is a lottery ,
Today u win
Tomorrow no.
I want to belive
In a raylight,
And that raylight is u.
Only u make me fly
And come back when
The dreams hurt me.
Only u make me feel
That I live.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Sure you could say love is a game like the lottery, but the stakes are happiness and life, and the odds do appear to be against you, since so few really find that "winning ticket." Lovely poem! wine
Dear CLAUDYA, I have seen yours poems but in all you & imagine are fixed in frame of love and in sarroundings come out see there are so many subjects waiting to be create by you,my self a professional poet in Hindi languors writeing poetry in humour and satire which i recite on various literary stage programmes in whole country ,for to day is you my few lines----Bell hasno sound tillsomeone rings it..,song has no tune till some one sings it, so never hide the fillings show it, it has no value till someone know it here my name is(forestlover)
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