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Tears fall upon a hand,
And rest bejewelled glistening,
Where a diamond aught to stand.
Hurt blinds his eyes and furrows brow,
Hangs heavy tiles on a heart a bowing rafter,
And silence stills where once cracked lines of laughter,
A box, blue hard and lined with white so plush,
On which sits the ring that once had said so much
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Hangs heavy tiles on a heart a bowing rafter,

Hello Chasingcars!

I came across your write

What a haunting and so sad moment in time, that you captured in your write

Well done!
"And silence stills where once cracked lines of laughter," is the line I like. you capture the emotion, the sadness, the chance lost, in a few short lines...essence of the poet. ;-)
Thank you both, it's a strange little thing - I was tidying up and - anyone want to buy a diamond ring, hardly worn? I think the saddest thing about EBay is the second hand engagement rings - hope and love and future gone and there at bargain prices.
Ouch... teddybear
Sad..beautiful..great write! cafe handshake cheers
Good write...poignant! handshake
very sad sir, even the most positive and funny people have their sad moments of quiet reflection - on what was and what might have been. comfort wine bouquet
Very sad..crying
but I like Chasing cars
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