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lonely life

for being here lonely nothing ever to do no one to see no one to talk too my life hasn't been happy only if i could find that one person to love al i do is go fishing in my spear time thinking all day long singing a blue's song how do i get out of this torture when will i find that right woman to be with to have passion sure don't mind the woman's fashion wear what she want's as long she don't trick me i'll treat her as my sweet buttercup i like to feel the romance and history don't think i'll ever have that in my life just talk to friends when in need for i like a companion indeed as i will be single to the day i die it will be over as that's the end
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
being lonely without someone to be with to share thoughts love or care is hard and get's you down

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