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50 shades of an afterwork surf

50 shades of an after work surf 

I returned home one night after a long day. I pulled up walked up the driveway, as I opened the door I caught a faint smell of lemon scent. I followed my nose as I entered the living room there she was laying on the couch. She was completely uncovered slim but with perfect curves she lay there silent. I approached and ran my hand her entire length from her tip to her tail she felt so smooth she had a cute dimple just near her tail caused from a large session the other night. I picked her up in my arms and wrapping her in a cover I carried her out the front to my car where I gently lay her down in the back. I began to drive filled with excitement at the thought of getting her wet. We arrived at the beach on sunset with the sky pink and the smell of the ocean I get out the car I strip off getting out of those work clothes still sweaty and a little musty from the long day I opened the back of the car there she was still wrapped in the cover I had put on her when we left I could just get a glimpse of her tail. I reach in and slowly slip the blanket off to reveal her perfect curves. I pick her up in my arms and carry her towards our place of destination.  The smell of the ocean mixed with her lemon scent has my heart racing in anticipation. We have arrived at our destination place. I can feel she's begging me to get her wet. I slam her down jumping ontop of her getting her all wet instantaneously. We go at it for over an hour having a great session as the sunsets in the background. Can't wait to go for another surf tomorrow will have to get more lemon scented board wax on my way home from work.... 
Nothing like a good set of curves and a little action after work!
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Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (24)

Made me smile....I learned on a long board...although it's been ages since my last ride.peace
Glad it brought a smile to ya dial Jazzy long boards are great fun you should get back on one And get back out there!! :)
hahaha .. Mate thats brilliant.. lol
"I approached and ran my hand her entire length from her tip to her tail she felt so smooth she had a cute dimple just near her tail caused from a large session the other night." ... so good!
Cheers Actus I thought it was gold lmao
Very good symbolism there. Good writing.
Fecking A. laugh
Loool nice and sensual stuff grin
Maybe you could write a book called 50 shades of surfing ... all about Aldinga and Port Willunga Beach ... might be a best seller

Steve im going to do just that im writing a book as we speak
Fanning myself and laughing at the same time! Thought it was gonna be a dog first wanting to go swimming till the jumping on top of her bit. Very good beach! :)
Very sweet too! :)
This is awesome :) I loved it.
Tanks lil lady glad I gave you a laugh haha
It's just for fun nickster but makes ppl chuckle
Very cool write...beachnit...kinda wasn't sure what to expect, was guessing till the end . Very creative!!!!head banger cool thumbs up
Hey cherry
I wasn't sure if I sould title it differently as I thought it kind of gave it away but the original intention was to keep it a mystery till the end and make people laugh grin
Very clever indeed...loved itheart wings
haha Thanks Rapture :)hug rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh I like your sense of humour beachnit - keep on surfing

purple heart purple heart
Cheers Ladybee
Will do just got in from a morning wave as a matter of fact lol
Looking forward to seeing my precious tonight lol
lol that was hilarious and fun. awesome, thankyou. applause
lol exoky
hehehehehehe rolling on the floor laughing
Love this it's fun :)
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