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I Remember

I remember...

Starry nights filled with our laughter, the hot water in our outdoor hot tub softly caressing our naked bodies. Watching the hot steam rising into the cool night air, the sound of the river flowing in the distance. The passionate kisses that only lovers know. Drinking in your beauty, while gazing upon your youthful bosom. The depth of your lust given away by that twinkle in your eye.

I remember...

Long talks through the night, looking out the window to notice that the dawn had come. Speaking of the future without fear or worry, hoping to intertwine our paths. Enjoying life and our time together. The destruction of life seemed so far from us; the evil of the world could not be heard. Holding on to each other as though that night would be our last.

I remember...

When you stopped caring what I thought or felt. When my discarded soul spoke hateful words of spite in drunken anger. Desperately wanting you to care about that which you had discarded. When your life became about you and not us, and I became a shell. So many nights spent alone or with another, and yet somehow never feeling satiated. Wishing on stars for lost dreams and desires, searching for a way without a light. The emptiness, the devastation, the heavy hand of heaven falling to smite my ruin upon the ground.

I remember...

Wishing that I wouldn’t remember anymore......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
This poem is about my x-fiancee and I.

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