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In this life there is a box created by people with closed minds
live outside the box and make the best of your time
find the box and crack it open
its only then when its broken
that is when you will find the token
fear and bounderies are for the weak
its fear and discomfort that i seek
push your limits by stepping into the darkness and unknown

its here you will find the key to the throne
Im the king of my domain
from this i refuse to refrain

the ones that are important in life will support your inventions
they'll make it clear of their intentions
dont live for the peace of some
live like your dying day is about to come

Find those things your afraid of
steam right through like its steel your made of
its then you will find
the others will be left behind
life can seem wicked and scary
toughen up dont be a fairy

take off the seat belts ditch the restraints
forget the bourdens that can make the light seem faint
dont look out the window climb out
dont leave any chance for regrets or doubt
break the glass dont fear the cuts
dont get stuck in the ruts
venture out and you will soon see
that this is how to become truly free
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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well im free again time to practice what i preach
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by Unknown
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