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Silver Quay

It shone an Apus silver stir
in this...forest thrust
rush of the willing empires and it's all out reach
like, diamonds on the edge of hot bones
tingling in...arctic saunas
we leave us here, standing
naked as cavern lilacs
forever reborn and the done has cast it's deed
as the fruit grows restless
taciturn world
of our igloo lambents
Panging down the caging mouth
out our feathered wild!
out our famished roots!
out our pristine gardens!
out this kingdom come!
relentless spun wilderness
imprints of the bearwing
the peachtooth shines
spits lively
All our roaming impulse'
unteathered fears in orbit
as we storm this fanatical,..pure.
D.Jaxon Bailey c. 2012~*
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
`Giving thanks to those who thank giving.` dst`

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