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Life Poem

A baby is born, what do you see?
A baby dolphin swimming in our sea
Swimming and swimming day by day
After a few months comes time to play.

Playing and playing day by day
After a few months the babe puts on display,
Jumping and diving day by day!
What fun it is to see such array.

After a few months the babe has grown all bold and strong.
Swimming, diving, hunting with joy, living life day by day.

After a few months all settled and alone exploring the world is what should be done.
Meeting others and being with friends is life and how it could be done.
One day or more the time will come a baby is now something more
A parent, an entertainer, maybe a hunter too, in the end we find our purpose so they say and by then we do what our hearts have to say living life and living it proud.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this poem because I often think about life and how its important that despite our challenges there is always something to look forward to. I Chose to use a dolphin in this poem because I'm a diver and love them.

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Nice poem...very inspirational! Thanks for sharingcool
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