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Hard to live without!

My life was worried and change
When I feel our friendship not use to be
I know I was wrong, I know I messed up
And that's why I'm sitting here typing this up
I'm sorry for all the things I let go to my head
I'm sorry for all the things that I said
I'll make it better I'll make it oh so right
As long as you promise us never to fight
I owe you an apology and I guess this is the right time
I am a Criminal and now hurting you was my crime
Never wanted to let you down
Never wanted to see you frown
It's been a feel some time
I am having this feeling and I am so down
It wasn't my intentions to make you sad
it's that all the things I did for you went bad
Punish me,forgive me, that is what I need
I just want to undo my wrong deed
Please Forgive me that is all what I can say
I don't want to live like this everyday
Cause it's becoming harder day by day...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2015
About this poem:
Poem i wrote to who i fell in love and hurt by a simple lie

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Comments (2)

LOve isn't love if it is not worth fighting for...

Great rhyme (which I cannot do)

Abby1963online today!
T poem I hope all is forgiven (A)
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