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Teacher Rant

I hate these kids
This pay I'm getting
What a joke!
There is no respect for teachers
None, zip, nada
How has it gone so bad so fast
It used to be good for teachers
A good pension after 30 years
You could retire in your mid 50's and have about 30 years of good retirement
Teach 30, retire 30, sounded great, right?
Now that has been stripped away to give it to fat cronies like Donald Trump
And don't get me started with these kids
Parents who want to be friends to their kids
Kids being raised by grandparents because their parents chose drugs instead
Kids who do things so disgusting and bullying that redefines cruelty
I should quit, but I have three things that keep me going to this tomb
June, July, and August!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2018
About this poem:
After the school shootings on Valentine's Day, I have been researching teaching and what led to this and many other shootings in our schools. I got out in 96, as I taught and got bulldozed over by those kids every day.

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godsprincessonline now!
Mc: Not all kids are bad. However, our society has changed a lot since we were kids. I watch the parents when I'm out eating in a restaurant. Yesterday a father was on his cell phone. He had his wife, 4 children and the grandfather (his father or hers) sitting there and he went and got the food - gave it to them - did not partake of food - stood the whole time pacing the phone talking ON HIS CELL PHONE! Never talked to his family the whole time. When they got up to leave - he dumped the garbage - went out the door - got in his car on the driver's side and drove out - ALL THE TIME THE PHONE TO HIS EAR! These are missed opportunities to be bonding with his family. What is so important that they have to talk on the phone the whole time and not bond with his kids? They looked like they were from out of the U.S. but they had a Connecticut license plate. Sorry but it's illegal in New York State to talk while having the cell phone to your ear! So these are the examples the children have. Their parents were spoiled and the children are bringing up themselves. So sad. Not completely all the kids' fault. If their parents don't have manners - well you can see what happens. Sometimes they are crying out for attention when they misbehave. Take care.

Kathy sad flower
studecaronline today!
Thanks for your poem on teachers - and- kids. I spent 31 years in classrooms, and though I do miss it at times, I could never do it again, I would be fired or shot the first day because, regardless of my Major, my primary subject is DISCIPLINE. That's a no-no now days. studecar professor
godsprincess, thanks for your comment on my poem. The cell phones have taken over a lot of relationships among the family these days.conversing
studecar, thanks for your comment on my poem. I have respect for anyone in that profession, especially the ones who have been in it for as long as you have. I'll bet it's a lot harder now than it was back then.professor dancing
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