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As it was, a minute ago, i was looking at the night sky.. Little Diamonds sparkling in the darkness... A fine linen of mist growing up from the ground.. No breeze.. Just peace and quiet.. Few house lights on in the distance.. Few bugs buzzing about.. A bat dancing in the pale halo of a street lamp.. A cat all dressed in black that would make Chanel jealous, jumped on the garage flat roof.. In complete silence and effortless swift bounce! Above us, Orion is glistening.. The milky way appears to the eyes when those take the time to let the universe entered your mind.. It is physical, sensual.. And then deeply moving.. Spiritual.. Suddenly you belong.. You know all.. You are all.. Matter and void.. Space, time, dust, stars.. And then the Big Bang happened.. Ten you opened your eyes only to realise that it's only the dog banging on his metal dish to remind you that it's about bloody time he gets his food! ???? Never mind.. I'll go stargazing another time!
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Posted: Nov 2
About this poem:
Not a poem..
Just a silly story.. ?? Sometimes the mind loses itself in meanders of impression of an instant.. Just a quick second..
Weird introspection.. Or touching the Truth!?
I don't know.. ??

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Hi Franbee .........Hey mate you had me all the way till the Big Bang ..........enjoyed this descriptive write even after you snapped out of it ..........Thanks for sharing .....Regards NU
EXREDonline today!
I enjoyed reading your mind wanderings, never know what you come up with
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