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When I was growing up Nancy Reagan had an infomercial
"Just say no"
I believed that was the answer
Just say no
Her husband was giving lots of reasons to say yes
Like job losses
Helping people from other countries take jobs either here
Or take those jobs to the people over there
No help in making the minimum wage better
No help with medical bills
I have seen the effects of drug use
I see it in my pocket
The check I had to write to help pay for my Dad's funeral
Because the money he had saved for 35 years was gone
Stolen by their grandson to fuel his drug habit
I wonder with the pandemic if drug use it way up
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 12
About this poem:
I find reasons to stay out of the drug problem, thou I have indulged in pop and junk food, which is probably one of the biggest contributors to our lowering of life expectancy in this country.

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Mizzy4online today!
Addiction comes in many forms and wreaks havoc on the addict and anyone close to them. My experience is that addicts can't recover on their own without proper professional help and a very strong will to self change.

Regards Mick.

Abby1963online today!
Who would want to be addicted to drugs? We all have addiction in one way or another . I feel like drug addiction is getting worse . It would be so nice if everyone who has bad addictions could just say no . That’s not the case nor will it be . Stay strong and healthy
As Mick says. Addiction comes in many guises.
I've seen how it destroys the one who's addicted & the family's and loved ones from all sides.
Many key factors you have highlighted in this as to why, and yes..drug use has increased due to the pandemic.. sad..
Thank you for sharing.. thumbs up hug
I believe SOME doctors are drug pushers
Also selling organs
Nice poem
Morgen is right...and i know it for sure some doctors are drug pushers...
Hi, mcradloff,
If ever there is a time one can "Just say no", it's before use. After addiction, it takes a lot more than words and being shamed into guilt. But Her husband was giving lots of reasons to say yes... Your poem makes an excellent point: The only way society can fight drug use is to identify the causes people feel driven, attracted, or pushed to try drugs in the first place. Thanks for drawing our attention to this problem that has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.
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