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Its a who are we poem

A trillion years have come and gone, in all eternity it was not that long, gone in a blink, no time to think,, do we swim or do we sink?,,,are we too thin or did we get fatter,, who won the last game?,,, does it matter? Where we came from, we all want to know, created by friend or by foe?,, Are we an experiment of the alien kind? Lets look and see what we find.
So, there was a big bang suddenly,, out of nothing, well, that we can see, but it miraculously created you and me, not instantely, first we came from the sea,,,apperently,, then we grew arms and legs,,, now we can climb a tree,, dont know why that tree was there, hey, its only a story, lets be fair, lets not care, our prestigious leaders tell us its so,, who are we,, and what do we know?
Without their direction,, yes we would lose all connection, with the reality, of finality,, yes, they save us day by day, we need to listen to what they say.?????????
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Posted: Jan 1

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