House of Burden

This house of burden, the house where I live
has become a burden
a burden of proof, burden as it
none-the-less, I live with it, thou, I could do better
this world of ours, once again rotating on this crisis
crisis comes and go, 2008, I let it go
but, in the meantime with this one, can't deploy
like if this one's toy
mesmerizes me more, and whore, my dear tomboy
wish could humbly be done
towards a better place "in the sun"
another time, thou, not too late, I hope.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 7
About this poem:
Thinking like them. But the crisis is real.

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upside down crisis
yours and mine
different yet like the same
house of burden
EXRED3online today!
so sad poem made me think how lucky i am teddybear
We are all living the burden of these times. The Caribbean Islands have suffered so much, not only the pandemic. The earthquakes, hurricanes and so much more. Very sad poem but life has his trials and tribulations. No hay mal que dure 100 anos como se dice. Better times ahead we just have to hang in there my dear Poet. SM. hug
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