I,m going around in circles in my mind
Reminiscing, I found is blocking the bad
and reliving the fun.
Did i do that? Oh yes i did.
I was so young without fear nor cares.
But time goes forward and taught me
life is not always fair.
Now my circle is nearly complete
I leap over all the bad
to the child i was.
Re-living the dares, yes
a bit of drunkenness too.
I rock in my chair with tears, but of laughter
at the daring reckless girl i was.
I am going back there for sure.
Happy laughing, reckless, no fear.
What a way to start and now end
Opening the door and reliving those times again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 8
About this poem:
Remembering cs 12 years ago When Steven Curtess got some of our poems published in a book. All with permission of course. Grand poet he was.

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I've been on here since 2011, I wonder if I made the cut.daydream yay jackolantern
Such a wonderful poem Red applause

Perhaps a tad sad, but a delight to read.
It describes life just as it were/is.

We're all but reckless girls growing old, keep laughing as you go teddybear

southmiami4321online today!
That is how we have to take it, Exred. SM
EXRED3online today!
well mcradloff is steven asked your permission for poems then yes you will be in his book 1 or 2
We all go by our real life names so i looked and thought hmmm maybe yes that could be you.
We had such fun in poets corner but sadly a lot of the old stalwarts are gone teddybear
EXRED3online today!
Celtic thanks for reading. Hope yo are well.

When i read about Donegal and things i feel lucky I can reminisce

Take care teddybear
EXRED3online today!
SM thanks for reading yes it is the only way for me anyway, still life has not took my fun or smile away, but reckless i am not these days laugh
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