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From a very early morning I am walking and running through the mist.It was a mystery,dew usurped me.Cold of fragrance took me aside.I was wet and water,golden water,took me to the deep of my meditation.The flowers were nodding heads in the air.Childrens were playing.Ah!Childhood,golden Childhood,where are u-I need you now,in this terrible time,in this time when people are apart from each other,everyone turned into each others enemy;I need you.I was meditating.Childhood you came and went away.Sands are scattered about,floating in the dusty air.I am feeling you my river.Oh river!my austere golden fiery river-I miss you,miss you forever.I am now in complete darkness.Nobody is around.The city is sleepy,I think it became dead long ago;only the ashes remains.It is breathing with thousands of deads.Fleshes are burning and galvanizing.Darkness wrapped the city.One is grasping others skinny flesh.Its a dark city.I am in complete meditation.
The children from future,be aware;this night will give you nothing
You all will be in complete will be born in darkness;gloomy air will be your oxygen.The poetry will go away.You never will know about poetry,about beauty,about the chirping of the bird,about a dewy morning,about a fiery noon of midsummer.I am in meditation.Be aware.This world is full of curves.
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Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I am Dalim with new ID

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well dalim with new id. you through me for a curve, but glad to see a repost. i'd agree the world is full of curves, as it should be, image a straight line world. there will always be poetry, after i and you are looong gone. a good meditation. ;-)
Hi, Dalim,
Golden and the river images are very powerful...Oh river! my austere golden fiery river. Sometimes all we can do is meditate, touch inner strength and good childhood memories, to build beauty out of dark and dust in This world is full of curves. Clean out the old and, like the phoenix, out of the ashes usher in the new. Thank you for sharing.
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