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Strange things are happening here
In a world which i feel it so near
On and on the word will says
How fragile the human been is theese days
And on ,and on the world will fall
With tears from each soul
Skills and talents are shown forword
But they bring us,back at the low height
I kinda' loose my erection
With such..a bad direction
I've seen things..and i try to understand
Why the people can not stand
A world,into..can step hand by hand
With devotion..from each land.
Shall we judge..or shall we laugh
About something or someone which is not enaugh
Do we have to point
Or to see in attack at our pride
What does it live without hate..
I guess..can not be everything perfect..
My dream is...less.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
a hope for a better world..

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Comments (3)

Without feeling hate, how would we know what love is? Still agree with your sentiment made me think, and question my own thoughtshandshake
a deeply questioning and philosophical look at human fallacy and frailty. Well done superman.
not everything is like we want to be..but hope ..can make the things..better.Thank you Redex,Agoodguy .
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by superman30 (67 Poems)
on Jun 2010
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