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Can This Be........

Can this be the real thing or is all just my mind playing tricks on me?
Can something this good be real or am I just wishing it to be more than may be?
I lay asking if I'm dreaming or if I have truely been blessed to have you in my life.
When I look at you, I forget all my troubles, my pains, my sorrow and strife.
I dream to feel the softness of your touch and to feel your face against my hand,
As I imagine running my fingers through your hair; strand by strand.
To feel our hand in one anothers is what I most desire;
For with the though of just holding you sets my heart on fire.
Feelings I never thought were possible from me before;
It as though my heart has opened the final door.
I feel the rush of emotions come pouring in to what once was but a hollow shell;
And knowing that what will come next is something that only time will tell.
A bond that is formed and grows stronger with every passing moment in the day;
Feelings develop and grow stronger as the clock ticks moments steadily away.
How could someone so beautiful & caring come into my life blessing me so much
As each day closes I find myself wanting nothing more than to feel your touch.
How did I get so lucky to be on this dusty trail that I thought I was walking alone;
Where our paths cross and we walk aside one another until the light is gone.
With the sun no longer high above us the stars and moon come so brightly out;
Revealing to us a once completey unnoticed and unknown route.
One more beautuful than either ever thought possible and lit up so bright,
It looks as all the starts in the sky have gathered just for us to give us light.
As the light beams down upon you and appears to stoke your hair,
How can I resist but to stop to admire and stare.
A smile falls upon your face so radiant and true;
I have never seen anythng quite as beautiful as you.
As the sun comes up to hit the dew on the ground and causing it to glisten,
The sounds of a new day arrive so beautiful that you cant help but stop to listen.
Watching the sun rise higher into the sky,
It forms the most beautiful picture for you and I.
A sky painted with so many colors and show a world completely anew,
As I look around the only thing I see that is more beautiful is you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Just a little something that I wrote a little while back. Still WAY out of practice though.

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Comments (5)

Lovely, nature and love so well pennedteddybear
Naturally came up from a good heart feelings.

A smile falls upon your face so radiant and true;
I have never seen anythng quite as beautiful as you

I love this sentences.
Oh you've definitely got it bad / good texastim2009! Nice poem. Hope it still feels the same.
Nice write.
Beautiful writing. I hope you continue to post :)
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