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the suitcase

the morning light wake me up l look at my suitcase in the corner, l wonder what will take with me to face the future, l know it was not expected, but a dark destiny led me to this, l will take my fantasy my happiness my diary and pen it serve to tourn words in emotions that moves people help them to believe in a better world, a tear through my cheek, the past is behind me, l'm reborning
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
seriously hope do not waste your time again, your country lows do not allow you use gunfire against me

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anblu45: thanks for sharing your belief in a better world, and your rebirth. Can you explain your explaination...sorry, sometimes I'm a bit thick. ;-)
thank you very much sir you are very kind, for me this is a sort of experiment, l don't know your language is expression, the sense inside, for me is a new world, l'm an explorer l'm trying to discover your language quality the ability to tourn the words in emotion.................the rest? do you mean my coment only a joke l told you l'm on progress
A rebirth. I think you have packed a good suitcasebouquet
Hi, anbiu45,
l will take my fantasy my happiness my diary and pen...sounds as if you packed for success, leaving dark destiny behind. Welcome!
thank you very much nice ladies..............teddybear
Nice poem anblu, so many of us have thought like experimenting, you will find it fun.....Andrew.
thumbs up
Some of it we take along with us....
and some is best left behind.

Not too big a suitcase, I say!cheers
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