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Am very sure that here is not useful for finding a match : )good luck to all

RE: love is the "only" meaning of your life

Fieldir : ) thanks alot, many blessing to u and all, hug love all

RE: STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woman has power all the time,when there is divorce who loses? ask them, ask couples , they r different, and nobody is loser, their life was not a game or lottery.
for woman , man is not at the uper side, not even at the downer side, he is nothing, u can ask most ladies here, he is what is, not more and not less.
When men are intelligent, handsome, rich, romantic, or ....., ..... they r that, they r different, it not means they are all like u, and they have ur charector, feeling lik eu, and talking like u, not at all
some of them are so perfect,
some are good
some not okay and good and say empty words and they want that others pay attention to them, but ladies are intellegent and dont care
people have different culture and knowledge about life, love and humanity, thats what made them different, not be a woman and man, and like what u say man are perfect
divorce is not agood matter for both, they always feel sad after divorce for long time, maybe for their whole life, man and woman, both
The important thing for a woman is not ur face and what u looks like, but ur words and what are u talking about, then other things
Dont be sorry for woman, u cant made angry woman, and ur words are not fact but what u try for show yours : )

RE: Am I too Proudy !!!!??? And Do I look Fake ?

Firstly u have ask them, secondly there r alot of pretty woman here in this site and in this world, even without make up, u can check this site if u cant trust me : ))) hug if ur pic not looks for somebody and u feel not good about u can change it with other one, people mostly love a pic that show kindness to them, also we can learn alot here between people, people are waht we need them for learning and understanding ourselves better. jealous, who is jealous about u, men cant be because they r not thinking for pretty and this matters, and woman as i know are able for make up themselves very well. thats my opinion as u wanted our idea .

RE: How all of women's problems start with MEN?


RE: It's time to relax

U be happy always, blessing to ur all moments and u for always, love u and allhug

RE: Friends

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE U, hugs and blessing to a great kind friend : )

RE: Gifts

There is only one GOD for u, for a hindu, christian and who dont belive religion and prophets,Human has believe to only one God,
Love u all : )

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