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i am tired of hearing broken heart and divorces everyday and just decided to put into writing few ingredient to avoid in marriage or in a relationship.1:friends,there are things you can to talk with your friend and things not to talk about your relationship with your man or woman.these is one of the deadly ingredient to avoid in a relationship,relationship is an institution of two not three persons.side talks kill a lot so please avoid it.for the ladies men are always at the upper side in every thing believe can't marry a guy,but a guy can marry a when there is divorce who loses?the ladies.i am sorry if you disagree with me but that is the fact.peace sad flower
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By golly - you really are misdirected...
Ask any man whose wife cheated on him, left him, got half the house and he pays maintenance for the kids while she moved too far away to allow regular contact with his kids if he feels that she was the one to loose out on the divorce ...
besides everyone knows it's the abiltiy to give good head that keeps two people together ...
Woman has power all the time,when there is divorce who loses? ask them, ask couples , they r different, and nobody is loser, their life was not a game or lottery.
for woman , man is not at the uper side, not even at the downer side, he is nothing, u can ask most ladies here, he is what is, not more and not less.
When men are intelligent, handsome, rich, romantic, or ....., ..... they r that, they r different, it not means they are all like u, and they have ur charector, feeling lik eu, and talking like u, not at all
some of them are so perfect,
some are good
some not okay and good and say empty words and they want that others pay attention to them, but ladies are intellegent and dont care
people have different culture and knowledge about life, love and humanity, thats what made them different, not be a woman and man, and like what u say man are perfect
divorce is not agood matter for both, they always feel sad after divorce for long time, maybe for their whole life, man and woman, both
The important thing for a woman is not ur face and what u looks like, but ur words and what are u talking about, then other things
Dont be sorry for woman, u cant made angry woman, and ur words are not fact but what u try for show yours : )
besides everyone knows it's the abiltiy to give good head that keeps two people together ...
laugh laugh laugh
pls you all seem to concentrate at the last aspect of the writing. now lets begin again,have i really sit and think about why divorce,broken relationship far as know people are regretting by their decision they took in their relationship because of the advise they receive from their friends due to what they tell for me i prefer getting married with a widow than a divorced everybody be careful with what advise you receive from your friends whether good or bad in other for it not to be a hindrance to your marriage.cause we all can make a change in our relationship but talking to each other and not by running awayteddybear cheers
Personally, I think Salley's last sentence could save more marriages than counseling ever will. Salley, please make a blog elaborating on "the ability to give good head". Nothing more intelligent ever written...:-)
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