Spicy Food

@ Eline : cheers

@ Whitehorse : Hey..Jerry lewis is my fave comedian ever!!cheering cheering that guy is irreplaceablegrin

@ Daniel : lucky you man!! i wanna try the green salsa and the red one too...hows that taste?? poor me, i never eat those stuff confused

@ Particolor : sounds interestingcool grin

Hot sexy girl? what in your head?

@ 10okhm : hey man..you got me!! haharolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Hot sexy girl? what in your head?

@ daniel : hahah..dont let the bug bother you in a hitrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

The WRONG Ritz Carlton!!!

@ Kitten : well, actually if i got angry and went home so i wont get the pay for the EVent..so, there's no other way than lil bit rush and chase the time like hell..hahahah...btw, thx for the opinion..i really appreciate that..

@ African : in order to prevent this similar thing all u have to do is reconfirm everything with at least 2 or 3 persons involve..that was my mistake coz i just confirmed to one person which is my singer's manager...hope it wont happen to you..easy dear.. ;)

Gays become succes in Indonesia

@ Leo : well..that's unacceptable but that's the reality in this country...

@ Makis : hiyeaaaaa..kinda freaky wayz but it works effective..no doubt!! haha

@ Paulo : yeap.u're right..they just tryin to be girly man but not less of em are totally gay

@ Narnia : No dear..real men are around you..only on TV you can see girly and gay man..haha

@ Arch : because it's true..just check out the TV programs and you'll see what i said..the most wanted and famous are them (gay, banci) try to see and compare

Gays become succes in Indonesia

@ Leo : not all of host or mc are gay, but majority or em are gay and "girly man" who became success with those kinda jobs..i wont comment anything about the mouslem country..coz, the TV station is who to be blaming here..well..poor of INDOconversing confused dunno

RE: Crazy stuff @ work.

make sure the doctor and the patient dont see this blogrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Men's Eyes

What about my eyes??does it red or whiite??blushing

Meet Girls at Bar?? is that so easy??

@ Oly23 : real Woman of course. not like the Casper Girl..haha

@ Titsy : well..i did went to bar, there's only men there..haha

@ Morgenulv : movie can be true. have u try it?

@ Raphael : well. maybe it was a granny wearing the schoolgirl uniform?? we'll never know it..haha

Approaching someone need routine calls or not??

@ Arch : that's your right to like 10kohms's words...what i suppose to say??

@ Morgenulv : thank you very much phal for your kindness..you know excatly what i meant..to be creative and the best as we can, but not being cheap to women..coz, these days i have seen so many poor and cheap kinda personality men's have which caused their women to stay away from em n not little of em fall into other men's arms..and its always the same issues, THEY SEARCH THE COOL MAN..im not sayin 007 here..haha...but for the refrens it'll be okay to wearing nice outfit like 007 with the smooth and shining hairstyle..hahah...

Succes for ya man! thanks once again

RE: Blood Sucking Whore!!!

I dont agree with what he curse on his mother "blood sucking whore" WOW!!! u still want him for being your mate??please reconsidering ithelp

Approaching someone need routine calls or not??

African : im not sayin by being "expensive" man then you'll become unloveable person or some cold ice mountain for women a.k.a not using heart to approaching woman.. Look, these days i just watched so many example from my cousin or friend who chasing their girl like the "cheap" one. calling the girl, texting, and meet nonstop each days.. mostly of em ended with the girls left them. n the reason is just one "he's so predictable" so the point is. if you wanna be a real man then be unpredictable for women..that's make our price up..once again, im not meaning it to be the cold heart and just like a playboy who chasing girls not using their heart but only mouth..bytheway..im sure you wanna have some unpredictable man too, coz it'll be so bored if he (your man) so predictable..i assure you ;)

Baltus : yeap.. i think you're right..women often say "i want a romantic man riding a white horse and looks like prince charmin" but i gotta say..its only in the movie.. the real world is cruel.. more you become romantic and "show off" your everything for her then more she underestimated you.. haha... yeap, cheers for africa! she is nice

sweetkitten : im not talkin about money mam.. its just more of personality. doesnt matter how many money we spent for women.. the problem is the personality if we dont watch it carefuly it can bore the girls we love..coz so many boring man in this world (at least its the girls saying to me, my friends and a lot)

10ok : hahahaha...i like that wank alone man! im not saying to be someone else..just be unpredictable by being yourself..how u sayin??

maxmate : once again man..im not sayin it'll be someone else if you being "unpredictable" it so easy to do.. it is like fishing.. sometimes u pull sometimes you stretch..that's my point is

Mekus : i like your comment..love is natural...i think it'll be some different matter if the girl likes you much, but what if she is not liking you as much as you do? the answere is you have to become an unpredictable man then she'll get bumping and jumping and humping to your heart man..haha

How to Attract women we like??

@ African : i assure you phal..im not like thatcheers well..there's nothings impossible in our worldgrin anyway.. how's the man over there? what kinda man you search here?

@ Maxmate : i prefer the simple and honest girl..i dont have high standard, i guessangel

@ Squirt : hey. nope. i dont have high standard, u got the wrong understand.. i like what i like and dislike what i dislike..sometimes there is a "bad look" girl but i like the way she is and sometimes there is a "good look" girl but i dislike her..u got my point? i dont have the HIGH standard u mentioned..dont get me wrong..beer

RE: Ghost in the office....

Wow...it seems like the "Paranormal Activity"grin

How to Attract women we like??

African : haha..yeap i know that..it's just a man's reguler behaviour..yeaakkk..haha..i assure u im not like that type who's gonna flirting wif another girl while she's arround me..applause what about you? your relationship with 10okhm??banana head banger

How to Attract women we like??

@ Belle : yeap..i realize it..but..uhmmmm..never mind..

@ African : thats the general advise phal..i've heard it before. but not in every woman it'll work, i guessdunno

@ 10 : hey man..haha..i've heard some motto.."to approach the sexiest woman then you'd have to be a jerky" i think it's a damn good advise bro!!cheers

@ Mark : yeah..we're not suppossed to lookin for but the thruth the Bible say..we found the girl/woman..applause

How to Attract women we like??

Mark : mostly of being my self resulting the same thing as i dont expect now..that's the real issuedunno

Braveness COME TO ME!!

@ african : nope..i think i cant be with her..i just tryin to be honest to one i like or i admire but i dont insist to be with her..the most important is to be honest to our own feeling about what we feel grin

Braveness COME TO ME!!

Sweetkitten : thx for your support..you save my head here..hiahaa

african : nope. i dont play games, i just like her the most..that's my future wife im sureblushing

10 : yeah dude. im ready for the law n orderapplause

virgo : same appetite with the sinter pit, eating child ???doh aw aw aw aw..u gotta figured the seasoning man, find a better onerolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

particolor : hahahhh..yeaw..suree it cheers

Baltus : we got hungry for d fresh blood like a vampire i think..grin devil devil

Facebook sucks!

@ white horse : grin
@ manroe : dont have time
@h chesrie : i cant..i already unmark all of the games but it still sending the notification
@ LBA : hahahahahh..good girl...thx for fooling me..gotcaaaaa
@ oceanfaith : buku muka

RE: Update for 10k

Swiss n jana : i think you both right..she's obsessed with 10k..go go go girl !! banana head banger

Strange Feeling

@ Macadamia : thx miss, i've heard all things about Dejavu.but i think it isnt that..coz the atmosphere was felt the same with the past..its just unexplained..maybe i start being crazy..grin grin


@ Jana : thx dear Janacheers how r u dear?


@ pixel : finally, breakin out the prison huh??hahahahacheers

@ Moms : yeap mom..how r you? long never hear from you

@ Sess : of course dear..to lost weight we must step and step at the treadmil grin grin

@ music : thx dearhug

@ adamisk : yeap man..hey, why you dont come over here? visiting my country, there a lot of good girls here man..sure itapplause

@ Particolor : thx sir..im just trying to be the better man(robbie williams)grin


@ pixel : yeap...i think Angel from heaven save me with thatangel

@ conrad ::cheers:


@ lucky : well thanks for it. i appreciate that..am sure you wont be able to saw it..it was too rude to read..grateful the admin deleted it..grin

@ blain : what kinda moment? congrat thenhandshake

Lil Sad song from me (my arrangement)

@ RDM59 : thx very much for listening my music :) i play it using mikroslav philharmonik for the string and hypersonic for the piano..do u play music too?

@ musicman : thx bud..how r u ?


@ Susi : thx mommy..hope u like it ;)

RE: Borrower

u have to use the bone collector to do favor

Fish Alergic !!

@ particolor : hahaha..no sir..i didn mean hot tea is the poison's resist..maybe caused the poison wasnt too strong so i could handle with the hot tea..dont try that at home sir..haha

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