RE: Paradise California 2018

"not a tree joined "

yawn... those tree trunks are black.

This really is some of your weaker work.

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RE: Paradise California 2018

"Why are these cars on fire?"

More than a dozen vehicles were set on fire when flames from a nearby wildfire spread to the main freeway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 3,500 acres have already been burned.

The kicker is it is July of 2015.

I'll let you pick the ad-hominem attack that should be included with this comment.


RE: An act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government...

Widely reported by other news outlets but here is a link

It is reported:

The notes, which were taken by Donoghue, show Trump raising his now-familiar falsehoods about rampant voter fraud in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

"We have an obligation to tell people that this was an illegal, corrupt election," Trump is quoted as saying.

On the call, Rosen, who took over at the Justice Department after Attorney General William Barr resigned, and Donoghue push back. They tell Trump "the DOJ can't and won't snap its fingers and change the outcome of the election, doesn't work that way," the notes say.

Trump responds: "Don't expect you to do that, just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R Congressmen."

1-6-21 is quacking more like a reactionary coup d'état disguised as a populist movement.


RE: The court clown has his balloon popped.

chancer_returns•18 hrs ago•Dublin, Ireland
"There was no firearms, you obsequious clown. No serious person believes a right-wing insurrection occurred when there wasn't a single firearm among hundreds of thousands of protesters in the area"

Might not be able to sell that horse.


RE: No one divorces a dog

From Reddit
Getting a dog is like getting a happiness loan that is payed back in 10 years with sadness.

RE: Quote of the day

It's opportunistic fiction. A modern Pulp for a hungry market.

RE: Nov. 3, '19 -- ELECTION DAY -366...BETTING ODDS UPDATE 03/10/20 -- D -238

None of the Dems listed will be nominated.
Trump will not be re-elected.
America will lose faith in both parties by election day.

There will be a Dem/GOP unity ticket from the heartland. Top of the ticket being a governor.

RE: Congratulations President Trump! First Reduction In Overdose Deaths In The US In Over 30 Years !!

More accolades for President Trump's leadership.

"CDC records show that in 2017:

Gonorrhea cases increased 67 percent, rising from 333,004 to 555,608 diagnoses. Infections among men nearly doubled, and cases among women increased for the third year in a row.
Syphilis diagnoses increased 76 percent, from 17,375 cases to 30,664 cases. Nearly 7 in 10 infections occurred among men who are gay or bisexual.
Chlamydia remained the most common STD with more than 1.7 million cases diagnosed, up from around 1.6 million the year before. About 45 percent of cases were among young women aged 15 to 24.
"After decades of declining STDs, in recent years we've been sliding backwards," Bolan said."

RE: Declassification incoming (origins of Mueller investigation)

Hopefully before Jesus arrives.

Thought this video best sums up Trump's relationship with his base supporters.

RE: New Survey Shows Democrats In Full Panic Mode About Their Chances In 2020

Early front runners seldom get the nomination. Let see how the Children of the Corn vote first. Agreed that the media is promoting and not reporting.

"They know they cannot win through the democratic process at the voting booth so they have resorted to the wounded animal strategy of lashing out with ever more thuggish and Stalinist tactics to try to thwart the will of Americans by any othermeans possible."

Stalinist tactics? I wonder, who is an accomplished party/country trampler?

"This period of time in which although Russia’s economy was improving and starting to grow, there was massive oppression, censorship, death and propaganda that spread around the people. The cause of this was Stalin’s extreme control and need to stay in complete power. The main way in which Stalin stayed in power was through terror, which worked out extremely well for him, because he used this terror to instill an obedience but also respect in the people - so even though they feared him, they still wanted him to be their leader."

Does the obuvnoy fit a certain (self-proclaimed) Billionaire?

RE: Ghosts appear and fade away...

Great song! Colin Hay performed it on " Scrubs" and appears in the Lazlo Bane cover.

For those who don't remember that MTV played music videos, this is for you.

RE: Democrats have voted to codify their sham Soviet-style impeachment process

The fail is strong here.


RE: Kangaroo court, jackrabbit impeachment

I agree there is no point to belabor that a crime has been committed. Both the President and his "acting" Chief of Staff have publicly admitted to one. gotta go

RE: Kangaroo court, jackrabbit impeachment

Missing the elephants in the room.

You know that there are republicans on Schiff's committee?

If fanboy Devon's not complaining or leaking you know it's bad.

Funny that it is all complaints concerning process and no denial of the actual crime(s).

Okay, you can get back to your jeremiads.

RE: From :Tim Allen

Thanks for setting it straight. To many name dropping political theories(authentic and faux) to keep up with.

RE: From :Tim Allen

That Tim Allen?

RE: What Is Wrong With You People?!

Last Century comment on US.

"The American grips himself, at the very sources of his consciousness, in a grip of care: and then, to so much of the rest of life, is indifferent. Whereas, the European hasn't got so much care in him, so he cares much more for life and living."

- D. H. Lawrence

RE: Let's Remember That President Trump Has Donated Every Penny Of His Salary Since He Took Office

Maybe they will give you an extra .50 cents for that post.
It will disappoint you to know I am not a Breatharian.

The fact that you would ask for evidence gives the impression that you are also aware that he is committing crimes.

Of course, a GOP Senate, and a submissive DOJ, will do their best to shield him for now from the dock.

RE: Let's Remember That President Trump Has Donated Every Penny Of His Salary Since He Took Office

If we are pasting FYI's

This list of confidence tricks and scams should not be considered complete, but covers the most common examples. Confidence tricks and scams are difficult to classify, because they change often and often contain elements of more than one type. Throughout this list, the perpetrator of the confidence trick is called the "con artist" or simply "artist", and the intended victim is the "mark". Particular scams are mainly directed toward elderly people, as they may be credulous and sometimes inexperienced and/or insecure, especially when the scam involves modern technology such as computers and the internet.

He certainly isn't comping the Secret Service rooms at his properties.

RE: California city will remove gender terms, including ‘manhole’ and ‘manmade,’ from municipal code

Controlled natural languages (CNLs) are subsets of natural languages that are obtained by restricting the grammar and vocabulary in order to reduce or eliminate ambiguity and complexity. Traditionally, controlled languages fall into two major types: those that improve readability for human readers (e.g. non-native speakers), and those that enable reliable automatic semantic analysis of the language.

The first type of languages (often called "simplified" or "technical" languages), for example ASD Simplified Technical English, Caterpillar Technical English, IBM's Easy English, are used in the industry to increase the quality of technical documentation, and possibly simplify the (semi-)automatic translation of the documentation. These languages restrict the writer by general rules such as "Keep sentences short", "Avoid the use of pronouns", "Only use dictionary-approved words", and "Use only the active voice".

The second type of languages have a formal logical basis, i.e. they have a formal syntax and semantics, and can be mapped to an existing formal language, such as first-order logic. Thus, those languages can be used as knowledge representation languages, and writing of those languages is supported by fully automatic consistency and redundancy checks, query answering, etc.

RE: What should I do with this situation?

Yes it is completely bogus.

There is saying "what's in a name?" "willrobs48" suggest the persons motive and I guess the goal is to scam 48 people?

Of course maybe I'm reading too much into this dunno

RE: British Sitcoms

From the days when MTV made an effort.

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