RE: Worse

kiss wine

RE: More awesome Power Ballads :):):)

ohhhhhhhhh....good song.
my feel is smitten now.
makes me hot!flirty
handshake cheers
will visit you again.yay


joy cartwheel flirty


oh,you are
good luck and keeping stay healthy.angel2
teddybear violin joy


good decision rudeboy.applause
I've hear that drink plenty water and exercise will help for quit smoking.idea
just relax.cheering
hoping you will be in success it!
peace tip hat

RE: hangover central

typo celebrate

RE: hangover central

glad you had a good time for cerebrate new year except hangover.laugh laugh


don't drink too much. laugh laugh
would you like to have another glass of beer here?grin
cheers peace


Thank you very much pixel.
once a again, you may happiness and good fortune be with You in the New Year!
love ya.
teddybear hug yay bouquet teddybear


Dear pinkdaiseyluv2.
welcome to a crazy planet.
Wishing you peace and joy in the New Year 2011.
Here is a hottest kiss from japan.
kiss hug teddybear


Dear amppy,
Thank you for stopping by.wave
blessing of cheers and joys galore and wishing you a wonderful year 2011. bunny
hug teddybear cheers


Tanks! musicman.
will stop by your place to get wonderful songs.
cheers cake violin guitar tip hat


Thank you for stopin by rozaroz.
Happy new year and wishing your health and happiness.

RE: Excellent forgotten Gem

What a wonderful GEM!
This gem will be shining in our mind forever.
Happy New Year!
cheers peace teddybear

RE: LADY GAGA wishes you all "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Happy New year!
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Gaga is in the house!shimmy
My puppy will be join her promotion M clip soon. grin
Embedded image from another site

banana banana banana


Only time will tell.....
this is wonderful phrase,beatiful sound and clip.
I saw it a few times. wow
anyway I was ride on horse by the beach in this clip.grin
Thank you makis.

RE: Is there a Heaven,, or just Hell on earth,,,,,,,,,

Hi,swan wave
Happy Holidays! cheers
teddybear teddybear teddybear

RE: !!!!!!LADIES BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

you got a point Mr.solitare.
makes me wonder what kind a professional he is? laugh
mary thank you for give us information.

RE: Is there a Heaven,, or just Hell on earth,,,,,,,,,

oh men,,,livin rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
so funnnnnnnnnnnny.
I almost have a heart attack. laugh
plz ask your friend to give us another one! laugh
teddybear teddybear teddybear

My Santa gave me this!

sorry gorgia.
I got wrong your name....... doh

My Santa gave me this!

Dear gorgea! wave
welcome to a crazy planet.
yeah,Christmas is gone..
how was your Cristmas this year? angel
hoping you had a wonderful time!
as you know I'm kind da busy to take care of puppy.
I will be good mama and good trainer for her.
This year went so fast.....almost new year is coming! wow
I hope it was a good one and the next even better!
Bless you.
teddybear teddybear

RE: A Man between Two Women

wow Good luck!
cheering cheering cheering
cheers grin

RE: So how was everyones Christmas?

I had a precious moment with family on Christmasday!
I got a puppy from pearents(Santa)........
This year went so fast.......almost new year is coming.
Happy Holidays to you too.
Bless you.

My Santa gave me this!

Dear peter welcome to a crazy planet and thank you for an advice.
I gotta train how to take care my? puppy.
typing writing sheep
she is like a baby and sleeping now like cute!
I will be a good mama grin for bunny and puppy. cheers
they give us unconditional love. angel
enjoy sweets and coffee here... santa gift
Happy Holidays!

My Santa gave me this!

awwwww......john thanks.
I am a zookeeper.
take a bite dancing dog those chocolate with coffee.santa gift
it's yummmmy. grin grin

RE: i lost him this christmas...

nice.... hug
here you are.......hoping makes you warm.....moping
Embedded image from another site

coffee coffee
take care and love ya.

RE: women don't like good men

Hummmmmmmm...... writing
Love is complecated.....
I think good women also useful for some
Samethings for between men and women......?!
I would like to say that depend on each individual.......
this is my opinion.
I wish you will able to find a good woman like a angel.
Good luck to you and me!
I am trying to be a good woman..... hehehehe grin
heart wings angel2 heart wings

My Santa gave me this!

This is Christmas present for all of you! heart1
Take a bite with coffee.......... grin

Embedded image from another site

Happy and Sweet Dream! sleep
teddybear teddybear teddybear

RE: weak back

It's a funny john! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Happy Holidays!
santa waving reindeer snowglobe

RE: Merry Christmas All

That will be nice!
yeah! let share party balloons cake beverage delivery buddies drink pouring santa waving

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